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Earth-chan and Planet-chan Girls

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Remember kids dont polewd earth-chan

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How is this porn... This is just sad

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This is just shad

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good one

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I would never ever throw a trash on the street now.

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Earth-change is flat

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lol pluto

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I would love to play ball with Pluto! Pg3 broke my heart :(

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Oh shut up Elshaw12 it's adorable but yes kinda sad

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glad all main focus are lolis

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Wtf is wrong with these people 

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This was just sad tbh y u gotta bring dis up

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by the way the last one isnt a girl shadman said it was a guy


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@anonymous 2 messages back: Nice pre-teen "boy" boobies and huge ass "he" have there.

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He could identify as a boy

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Remove this 

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Well,now i know what is a "why boner"

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Oh shit that was a boy? Well I did some gay shit then. But over all this comic does point out many issues with the world today, we pollute to much and we harm the earth a lot. As well as the nazi's being the first to the moon. 

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