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One Shot Comics for Edgelords

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That last one was fucked up man

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You and me both

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ME three

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four me?

wait the crippled little girl one

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No the Logan Paul one lmfao

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no, the santa one was the best!!!

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Yeah that one was fucked up tbh.


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The last one was great I loved it 

I didn't think it was bad, then again I geuss beastiality is an aquired taste.

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Thought the first was fucked up though liked most though

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all the ones with kids are fucked up.

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No there not

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my man nearly all of them are fucked up, it's shadman

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please make more of these! there fucking hilarious!

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its by shadebase he made it shadebase is also his websites 

This got me laughing out loud. But i can see it being a little bit to dark for some people

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'a little bit' too dark

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Yah it is

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Correction yah, it is


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"Correction; "Yeah, it is.""

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the first der was a kid daping

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That first one tho

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I love these. Please make more!

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That last one had me crying.... I was fine with the rest but the way that poor girl was talking just got to me...

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yea the last one i don’t like at all they i think they need to get

rid of it

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that one nigga in the first comic is dabbing son in the green shirt XD

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the paralyzed girl one was so fucked up that It made me feel bad... for real...

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whats the name of the artist ? research purposes of course 

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The artist is SHADBASE.

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See I was trying to tell ppl that 

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I think it's Shädman.


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So the funeral one is implying the father was screwing the daughter also

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Does the artist take requests? I have weird ones

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I don't think he does.

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this should be tagged as shota tho

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Had a nice wank....make more of these..... pls daddy

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ok after the crippled girl page i just stopped, this is fucked up 

and i mean REALLY fucked up, i know Shad is trying to be edgy and shit but sometimes he's just downright disturbing


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well it's supposed to. the title says offensive comics and this pages are about polemic shit

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He made a new one. Hopefully this is updated later

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I don't get the crippled girl one...what does it mean? 

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1. dafuq you doing at 2 am on dis website 2. yes that one is quite fucked up but seems something avg for this website 

it means he payed sum guy to run over his girle so that she couldnt walf for the wrest of her life and took her home to doo things to here that she cant run from

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Her dad paid the guy to drive into her and get her crippled. Afterwards, he took her home, got her dressed up, and off screen, raped her.

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That last one is a sadistic one I love it these are quite funny

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Damn the Christmas one is sexy!

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I wood like to see that kid have fun with new toy in a comic

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I love the Logan Paul reference

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That last one is too sad 4 me

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Who made comic #4,5,7 and 9?

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It was the same person how made all of these you stupid fuck

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It was funny

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Anyone notice what's in the spaghetti in the dinner one

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Wtf this kid doesn't look like he just turned 18. Also who waits 18 years to tell their kid he's adopted?

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Lol it's obvious this guy likes family guy from page 1 and 3


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Lol tide pods in my speget

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Do many memes

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Tide pods

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If u look closely, you can find a ride pod on the spaghetti.

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Shäd no

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Number 4 was the best

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Omg i love this too funny

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that fucking tide pod in the spaghetti

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私はファックしたい means i wanna fuck in page 16. TBH i wanna fuck that too rather then that other model with the funbags.

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Ayyy, freedom of speech

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Any one else see the kid dab when he got shot

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Omfg im cumming

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I like this needs more!!!!

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Am i the only one that noticied the tide pods in the noodles

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Got to shadbase on google. His the one that made them

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I've been reading this one since christmas and it's gotten good and bad.

Good job.

Yes I've seen the meme references everywhere.

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Yeah like the Patrick one and also the license plate on the one where the girl is hit by the car says thot

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The first one is fucked up but there were oofs and a kid dabbing which was funny


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Shadbase is a great man

Follow him on Twitter

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The Christmas one is so hot, and spaghetti lemme eat your ass lol 

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In about a fifth of them there is logan paul merch

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In the first one the old guy is wearing a wedding ring on his left hand in the first panel, but not in the last panel. What gives?

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If I was in the fortnight one, I'd still fuck em.

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And I'm not even homosexual.

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Number 26 is pretty funny


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Yes it is me. Look above if you don't know who I am. But the thing about that last one is the fact that dogs aren't that excepting to you licking their dicks. I know from experience... 

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Welp, my suicidal thoughts just came back to me

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That thanos one tho

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Again with that meme.........

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Alot of people


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Can 9 be a full comic

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I will still smash that guy on the fortnite page 

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the god damn despacito 2 shirt got me laughing for real man


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page 21 is so me but not 22 I'd stick with just the basics

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yooooooooo! WTF

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Holy shit, the 4th one had me burst out laughing

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Idk if I should jack off or laugh off.

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With the first one there is a guy in a green shirt dabbing

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Number 13 literally has a dinner of Spaghetti and Tide Pods. 

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So does he make porn or memes? Because I am laughing and hard at the same time

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ok this dude is croat. must be XD

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Last one was REALLY fucked up.

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