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A Bad Dog



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Sexovich's picture

Sad , i think its from wakfu

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U dumb sh*t's picture

No, this is obiusly a dragon ball goku ss 3 porn

cory In the house #1 fan's picture

You are all wrong you gay retards this is actually a character that appeard in cory in the house episode #45 ha peasents now you can all see my 200 I.Q.

Anonymous's picture

with my 100000000 iq from watching richard and mortimer i can confirm that this is indeed from the greatest anime, Cory in the House

no its obviously from the best anime fresh prince of bellair's picture

no its obviously from the best anime fresh prince of bellair cant you see here starting up trouble in the neighborhood

Anonymous's picture

Shut the fuck up XD

Anonymous's picture

cory is the house

Anonymous's picture

Simpleton, with my 5197653051836075109 IQ points i can tell this is ovbiously Episode 14 season 482 Of Lazytown.

Anonymous's picture

Wellp, with my -1 IQ, I can obviously detect that this is actually the "Fur and Loathing" Episode of C.S.I, Season 4 Episode 5, broadcasted on 2003.


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You fucking breadsticks, with my infinite iq i can tell you that this is indeed from the spongebob square pants movie

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Fucking. Retards. This is obviously from the prehistoric film, Crossing Animal in which an animal runs a town of humans and tells the inspiring tale purely made from murder, sex and money. This truly is what is happening here

Anonymous's picture

you all are stupid everyone knows this was from that one ROBLOX animal crossing game

Fortnite sucks's picture

Finally some wakfu porn.

Anonymous's picture

Definitely animal crossing

Memes are dreams's picture

WAKFU? this is damn animal crossing FFS

i had 3 thousand subs but my channel was deleted's picture

so its grand theft animal for the nintendo wii u 2

Some retard's picture

It’s says animal crossing in the tags

Oh daam's picture

Nice some Wakfu porn

Fortnite sucks's picture

Bro what kind of pokemon is this.

Dumpster truck's picture

Man, Majin Android 21 is hot as fuck.

Honestly's picture

Its furry

pointless statements's picture

Man, everyone cant decide whether its isabelle from animal crossing or someone who isnt the person in the comic.


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Some dude's picture

Meh,this is furry


Faggot's picture

Man I cant believe I finally found some good Different Strokes hentai

Anonymous's picture

These comments are better than the comic

Anonymous's picture

This is man vs wild dumbasses 

Anonymous's picture

is this loss?

Anonymous's picture

No this is patrick

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

veri sexi

Anonymous's picture

No you are all wrong, as with π IQ I have deduced that this is in fact...

A colourized storyboard of a deleted scene from wofully underrated masterpeice, Super Mario Bros: The Movie.


Ok I think I've beaten the last shread of humor from this dead joke. Excuse me while I have a nice cold glass of bleach.

Anonymous's picture

NO its not done obivously as of my work as a god with ¾×7.209387488818837789200024742 I have conclude that this is indeed from Despacito 2 The music video remake of shreck the third

Anonymous's picture

You retard, of course it must be from despacito 3 x spongebob musical, the most beautiful creation from ShakeSpear himself.

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With the knowledge i get opening the pandora box i know this is in fact. A short furry porn comic.

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