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A Really Big Deal


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What in the actual Blyat is this?

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xaaxxaxa cyka pizdec

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I would like to have part 2 in which the main character will now grow instead of her and will look like a real demon >:3                           because I liked this part, I would also like to grow as she. 


I wish I would be an obedient girl. (because I'm a bad girl now)

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What in not gonna question

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I know there's already a Really Big Deal 2 but I just want to see more of these guys 

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Where is it?

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If you weren’t a fucking idiot read what he said there ain’t anymore 

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First of all that was kinda rude and second he didn't say that it wasn't there anymore he said that there was one.

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Bitch he/she is asking for part 2

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