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A Sweet Picnic


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Fucking pedo

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he is younger

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*adjusts glasses* well if you go into the lore of steven universe

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Ya in the lore he’s 16 maybe 17 I forget so really Steven is considered by law to be raping connie

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Yea this shit is pretty weird

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Yeah jesus christ

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bitch stfu 

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Aren't u here too XD

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wtf is this even legal lol

you are an experience a sexual experience's picture

That ending turned this from an okay comic to gold

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True dat


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This is fucked up...This is fucked upThis is fucked up..

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then you are u reading it

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Dude, why are YOU looking at it? This is underaged porn. Illegal, last time I checked?? Don't use the defense of "it's just drawn art!" either. Doesn't make it right.

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It's lolicon, a style of art from japan. In which the age of consent is lower than America.

Well, that's not the only valid defense for it, there's also the fact that actual pedophiles, the people who actually want to have sex with children, can use this kind of porn as a 100% harmless and safe alternative to actually having sex with a child, also, they are teens, so this wouldn't actually count as child porn even if the fact that it is a drawing protects it from that label according to the law, so, no, this is not illegal, you just didn't do your research.

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Well technically by law that would still be a child, but it is still not real

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Dude, it's a comic. It doesn't count.

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They are fiction characters dumbass 

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Yo this kid drunk out of His Mind 

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Then WTH U Doing Here?

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Love how garnet just gives a thumbs up

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I like how amytits justs records it

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To be fair veach city is in america and gems don't have genitals. So.... Most steven U porn is either illegal or stupidly gratuitous.

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damn i like how Pearl reaction. 

She was like OH MAH GAH 


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that's pretty weird but from where I come from the laws make it so the can technically legally do this so okay I guess? still weird tho

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There is nothing illegal or wrong with this.

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While you guys were arguing over that, I'm wondering why Connie is wearing no underwear...

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Because porn, also she might have been wanting it 

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Shhh... don't question it

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The same reason they're on top of the temple and not in a private place. Either plot convenience or a stylistic choice  or the author was lazy, hell if I know  

Sickly, The woman that likes Steven universe way to much's picture


You are ccorrect, 

They are technically children but, they are teens


It is legal 

Lissen to people who know there shit. 


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how far into he web am i?



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It gets way depper. Dont worry.

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What dude means fuck

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I like it

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In this artstyle, Steven looks like a chubby baby....

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People who can fap to this should burn in hell

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you don't sound too bright, plus why are you here?

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Do you have an invitation? Or is just forpeople who aren't around their age?

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I love this shit. 


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Did I really just scroll through all of this?

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garnet is the best!


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