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A Sweet Picnic 2 - Together again


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Wtf it don’t work 

UltraFaggot's picture

At this point it's just straight up child porn.

Person above is hella gay's picture

It’s a comic on the Internet thus it isn’t 

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there not real! why is this a concern to people?

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But there no REAL children so its not child porn

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Thing's picture

Is this what they call as ChildPorn?

Not sure how to feel about this

FuckYou's picture

Nope, it's a drawing, child porn is a real child doing porn

My man's picture

Well.... I just don't know how i feel about this. 

opinion's picture

Well, as long as this isn't real life and just a lolicon comic on the internet, then we're good.

The truth ng24's picture

No gem

I'm me's picture

Stevens a gem

The Scam's picture

Where yah gem Steven mah boi

Honey's picture

Well this is cute

boopman's picture

ok i feel fucked up now

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there both teens 


im canadian so stop calling me black's picture

Straight up child porn mate

Canadian? Who cares's picture

Last time I checked, "straight up child porn mate" is a REAL child doing ACTUAL porn. Not some cartoon characters. Let people have their weird(kinda gross) fetishes if they want to, how does that sound? Pretty sure this is what loli is, I don't's odd.

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Im not gonna judge them as long as they're not fucking kids but, when was the last time you checked, bro? Child pornography is child pornography drawned, filmed, captured, forced, consensual, anything. Giving it a name because it's not so uncommon in JAPAN don't make it any less illegal

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but it dose

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Well there is no rape and no adult/kid, so i don't think that this comic is a bad thing, kinda strange, but nothing horrible

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I am going to hell

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why do they look like their 6

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This was really boring 

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Make a part 3, 4, and 5 please. Good job

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