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A Tale of Tails: Chapter 4 - Matters of the mind


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Damn for a porn comic this is some serious plot, good job


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yo wtf, kissing her right after she puked. 

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Part 5 Plis vant wait 

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My favourite comic series by far, it's amazing and the art is even better.

P.s. if anyone wants to exchange furry porn and comics/pics add me on Snapchat at, MichaelTowns69.

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Don't stop doing this it's very good 

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Never end the comic plz I am soo pumped too see the next issue I keep opening the page every day too see if the next issue is out hehehe

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Whatever you do author, FINISH THE COMIC PLEASE!!!! I have grown a garden in feelings garden for this comics, PLEASE FINISH IT!!!

thank you 

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Will there be any more coming out in soon future. Loveing it so far 

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Need more such a good comic. 

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more plz this story is awesome plus I think that fox is dead af


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MORE! im loving the story and the SEX!

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There is another Part (Part #5), but I dunno if it's on this Webside.

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Hahaha first thing he says to his farther is fuck you that hilarious 

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It's HER, not He...


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what are we to do about farther

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Omg IT is futanari and tehy say that she is a Female wtf is erong with you get the fick off this sote

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