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Alfie Ch.9


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I really like Lydia 


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ROFL that one dude, "Yep, they dead."

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daym l was hooked on chapter 1 and now l just cant stop reading this series

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Superb!!  Finish the story.  Alfie deserves a happy ending.

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yeah~ I don't see Alfie getting a happy ending. I don't see anyone in the story getting happy ending. No one in the story is completely happy including the married couples which tells me that this story mimics reality too closely to have a fairy tale ending.

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When d0es this webc0mic update??? It's s000 g00d; I can hardly wait f0r the next chapter! <3


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Not only the drawing is excellent but also the story! I hope the yourney goes on soon...!? I mean, really soon... like: "WTF why is there no updated now!? i've been waiting 10 minutes! hurry up!!!!!! ;)

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I love this series, I need more!!!

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I have to say this series is fantastic and I really hope its being continued.

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