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The best

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Now if only this could be remade in Anthro form

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This is one of the best pr0n fanfics ive read! 

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I love my little pony now i wanna fuck a pony. ♡♡♡♡♡ B--8

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Why the age spell?? Filly Fiddler??? creepy..

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Im 10 years old and fapping to this ... what am i doing with my life but i hate grown up sex


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Im 12 so 

You have snapchat

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Im 12 u have snapchat

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Naturally your more inclined to be attracted to those of your own age the those of an older or younger variety. It is built in our genetic make up and as masturbation its natural it how ones body develops everything we attain comes from a form of research and experimentation though some experiments may be a tiny bit taboo like twilights one in this comic to state an example, however ultimately we experiment regardless

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Ich love my little Pony.

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Im 37 years.

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I think i got cancer 

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CUTE, oh w8t its a porn, nevermind XD!

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that was sexy as all hell!

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