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Bird Hunting



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Xayah_My_Waifu's picture

As much as I hate big tits, I love Xayah so it's a great comic!

What?!'s picture

How can you hate big tits?!

Xayah_My_Waifu's picture

Well, I'm a Lolicon so I prefer small tits.

Anonymous's picture

So you're saying you're openly attracted to little girls?

Xayah_My_Waifu's picture

I'm attracted to smaller bodys not little girls(I'm not a pedophile), So let's just say I like small tits

Anonymous's picture

Ok when you put it that way, I can respect that. Everyone has their preferences.

Anonymous's picture

Im not a lolicon, but i do prefer if the breasts are in a relation to the body of the female. So for me, there is a "too big" and a "too small" and in between lays "just right". That in the comic seems too big to me, but i get how some people like it.

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A pedophile's picture

Fuck how did they find me

Chris Hansen's picture

How about you take a seat right there

Sull's picture

If the tits are too big for the girl, it ruins the mood for me. I prefer the tits the perfect size for the body. Small breasts don’t bother me, I find them a bit cute. Big breasts overwhelm me and it ruins the mood.

Jerysiek's picture

more plis

Esked's picture

I love it! I love your comics, strong bana!! Please, continue!

Random guy 's picture

Please continue I love that couple

Alpha's picture

Pls More! I love this Porno/Comic!! :D

Kayle's picture

Iam sad that there is no comic about me :c


Xayah's picture

Feel bad for you I have a great time with rakan today

Anonymous's picture

Counter thoted

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Its Xayah(Bird Girl) Rakan(Bird Guy) and Ahri(Fox Girl)

Anonymous's picture

Can this please be updated? It’s almost been a week since StrongBana’s made pg11 and 12

Jeff's picture

Page 6

Anon's picture

Page 7: BE GONE T H O T

(verified)'s picture

Ha, gay! But I'm into it.

Anonymous's picture

Why do people comment on porn 

Gragas's picture

I really don’t know mate

Anonymous's picture

Testing comments

Anonymous's picture

2 weeks behind :residentsleeper:

Bust a nut's picture

If u like lolis you are fucking disgusting you pervert those are children you disgusting piece of garbage 


S0NA's picture

You idiot. Lolis are not necessarily children. They’re just people that look younger than they really are. Not necessarily below 12 years old

Anonymous's picture

Your an idiot

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Good job

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Anonymous's picture

well more of that pls but i dont get the ending

Anonymous's picture

cool comic but the end is kinda akward. Could yu pls do a more harmfull ending if you draw a part2?

luv ur comics 


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