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Boosting morale


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I'm asexual, I don't even like porn, i got here through the popup ad rabbit hole. How do you even think to make propoganda porn?? Like what the actual fuck lol.

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if you guys asking what is the artist doing his working on that deltarune porn and you dont belive what it is its hitman fucking neolle

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welp this exists

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What was really missing to this cartoon is sex scenes

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Her eyebrows make me angry


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I can't believe there's a porn comic of a propaganda cartoon from North Korea. Ladies and gentlemen, we've gone too deep.

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Thats right we have gone tooooo deep

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suck me off daddy~


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I think its funny this is a north korean cartoon

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They finish the war so fast like me on here....Why....Why god....Meh next comic

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They are gonna get you.

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