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Breasts of the Wild



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Finally, i waited so Michele for this

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Happens me everytime smh -_-

(just incase there are retards in the comments I'm obviously sarcastic)

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It wouldn't been funny either way

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Question: Does she feel when you lick the cartridge?

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hopefuly or ive been doing it for nothing

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Author should add more

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*Resets Game*

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I like it

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Top ten anime plot twists.

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Hard to read but good shit.


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Something similar happened to me the other day. I was at home, playing my NES game, when suddenly a robotic arm reached out of the TV and pulled me inside. When I looked up I saw three gigantic yellow bodies. It was the Cheetahmen. I began to explain... the Cheetahmen told of the enemies in game world. They said "Don't worry, we will fight for you". The Cheetahmen ran off... 

and now... the Cheetahmen

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Atcinon 52

I can't spell.

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She waited 18 months to tell him she was pregnant?

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no, 9 months went by after that time

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Lucky bastard

Oh look she is pregnant...*Delet save**New game

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If it were me I would live with her in Hyrule

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Plz make more fuck the pregnant princes

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Play game again save before it happen you can load it when you want to fuck her

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If only this relly happened when you 100% the game

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That's true

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Resets game to ovoid kid 

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Fucking, if only man.

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I like


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