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Camp Sherwood


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nooooo, it cant end on a cliffhanger wtf.

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It would have ended with the final battle of the hero and the villain or Timmy turning back into a boy but definitely not with dress up

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this is one of the greatest stories i've read plz upload more

A's picture

i think the ending has something to do with a unknown thing 

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Glad to see the best +18 comic ever on this fantastic site

A's picture

I have some ideas on the ending of the story 

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just a fantastic story. the writer represented the characters almost perfectly, and everything was so well done. the art, the plot, it all just flowed so well and vividly. i enjoyed this read and i honestly am anxious to see how it ends. this comic is ongoing but i can't wait until it's finished. lol i wish i could download it as a pdf. i'd legit save this just for how well it was written

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If upvotes were available, I would like the f outta your comment! :D

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Damn Lithium pills? Lol only bipolars know

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Fuck lithium.  Anything else is better than that shit.  Emotional lobotomy in pill form, if you ask me

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I hate Trixie. Fucking cunt

PenguinTitts's picture

I came here to fap but the plot was too good and now im sitting here 163 pages later with my dick out wondering if this comic will ever be finished...

JustAGuy's picture

Same here! lol

Triquetra's picture

Same here as well!

2_lazy_2_put_username's picture

Thank god I'm not the only one ^^

Anonymous's picture

Couldn't agree more. To ingrosed in good story telling to fap

Anonymous's picture

Same here 

2_lazy_2_put_username's picture

Ok page 52 is my favourite page now, SERIOUSLY COSMO XD

Bart's picture

There better be a part two to this. 

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This is what I am talking about, not only does it have action but it has a good plot as well for the story. If only other comic were like this. Good job, can't wait to read more.

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when will this be updated?is it weekly?

Сучка блять's picture

I heard that only 2 or 3 pages will be updated monthly

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afer so much time im glad it's still going

Anonymous's picture

End of pt. 1. Damn.

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This is seriously amazing

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Boy was I surprised I was surfing the web for comics and found this very good well played out I love how the creator added characters from other universes and put it into one comic didn't much like the hentai the plot was good though 

Mr. Clean Right Behind You's picture

Buddy, you're on a site called "multporn" nobody will judge you for being here for porn. But yes, I'm sure we were all pleasently surprised by the good storytelling. It blended all these universes together really well, while also making the characters more real than they ever were in the cartoons. Perhaps they somewhat embellished the sexy times, but hey, I wont complain.

Freddy 's picture

What if they "The creaters of Fairy-godparents" created a crossover episode but save the porn? 

bruh's picture

im sad gwen didnt do much but it is a fairly odd parents comic not ben 10

becausecheese's picture

comic: baby please, I'm not from Havana

my brain in the middle of fapping: HE ROOOODE A BLAZING SADLLLLLLLLLLEEEE

this was actually kind of good. i normally don’t read these for plot just for the obvious reasons.  i liked this cross over comic and it’s not really the fop art style which is nice.i  recognized  almost everyone right off the bat and using that episode from when timmy was timatha and bailed on trixie’s party genuis. i liked how everything tailed together so well  Jupiter Lee  investigating Magic at the camp Goo being well Goo Veronica being a bitch the mean girls From  My life as a Teenage robot being part of the popular clich. only thing i didn’t understand is that gwen being a being of pure magic and being around Magic made timmy immune wouldn’t Gwen would have liked to see Gwen be used in the plot instead of mind controling Lesing out like the rest of them. also if Jackie Chan’s cousin (i didn’t see her)  was in this she would also be immune as well and the Sister from American Dragon Jake Long. overall this was really good. using that plot point of Trixie Liking Timatha and Veronica being jealous of that fact really good. would love to see a sequel to this or maybe the same storyline but from the male side of the story instead of using timmy as the main character use Jimmy or someone else who would be just as immune to the Sex spirit. after all the magic did affect the males too so who knows what happened at the Males camp.

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the artist drew timmantha better than the creators did

Anonymous's picture

Please make more from this!!!

Question's picture

Anyone else notice Aelita from Code Lyoko?

Yes please make more

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That's absolutely the best erotic webcomic ever made (for what I know). I check every day hoping if there is some new page uploaded, it really appassionate me. Congratulation Mr.D for making such a grat work with this comic.

Riccardo Magliano's picture

What appened? why did some of the last page got canceled? 

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This is awesome

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Is there a better place to read this? The farthest I can see is page 182 and I Know it goes farther than that.


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Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history. Me

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Damn I came hard on page 105 but had to keep reading for the plot

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Im Timmy. I loved it when they licked my pussy! It was ok though because I was a boy just turned into a girl and I was making out with a girl but since I’m a boy I’m not lesbian OH NO they’re coming back oh ueahjjjzssss

So fucking good i just wanna be there my self and fuck them all as sex​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

I love it so much l just wanna go and fuck them all 

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I wish this was a show!! I would honestly watch it.

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I don't even watch the show and this was great :]

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when I watch the show with my kids, i'll think of this comic


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