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Dandy Demons Chapter 2 Parents



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zan's picture

so fucking good cant wait for the next

thescientist's picture

you said in the first that it was a devilchild tradition to cut of one horn and how his dad is a devilchild. but he has two horns 

Aaaaaaaa's picture

The tradition is to cut off one of the horns of the firstborn. Not just every child.




Notofyourbeezewaz's picture

Maybe because it grew back?


Correcter's picture

His dad isnt the first born and probaly has a sibling

Anonymous's picture

On Peculiart’s patreon, Gus, Ceasrs father, has a sister who is older but Gus is the devil child, not her. Ceaser is the only son of Gus who is a decilchild and his first-born. 

The fapMonster's picture

Well a tradition only for the firstborn soooo you can assume he's not the first child

Anonymous's picture

Maybe because his dad wasn’t the firstborn 

INFO's picture

its tradition of the first born to cut there horn as a sign of maturity and leadership

Logic's picture

It's only first borns maybe he's a little brother.


Anonymous's picture

they cut the horn only to the first born

Anonymous's picture

Maybe because he wasnt the first kid

Fox 's picture




Mr.McFuckface's picture

Silvia's Dad's design is so fucking slick.

fuck yes's picture

yes it is


Dan's picture

When i watch these comics about Ceasar i just laugh at the faces he makes Hahahahhahahhahaha. He's always like "Oh shit, what have i got myself into." hahahahha.

gyarenya's picture

*click* noice

Wahluigi's picture

Gus the face


Wah's picture

Yes that face was abousolutly stellar

Jerysiek's picture

plis this comic's need color


BobMcBurger 's picture

“plis” really? Your an idiot you know that, learn to fucking spell it’s ‘plus’ you dimwit 

Rite's picture

What is wrong with you.

He didnt mean  "plus" idiot.

If your IQ was higher than 1 youd relize he said "please this comic needs more colour"

Plis would be a short from please maby he isnt english do he had a bit of a problem writing please.

Dont flame him for nothing you fuck.

Yo mama boi you fuck head's picture

Learn to spell Jerysiek you failed at school cause you spend all day watching porn wanking to your smaller than an inch punny penis 

Wow...'s picture

Jesus Christ, what if his finger slipped and hit the “i” instead. 

The gut that ruins everything in his path  's picture

Why don't you check  out Mr peculiararts patron  

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