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Gravity Falls - Secret Of The Woods



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More, please!

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Grunkle stan: childern haveing sex i can sell this


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*cough* Why?

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I really want to love this but the continuity error in pic. 9 is making it really hard to enjoy.

dude u should make one with him and wendy 

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Show the womb filing and sperms atacking the egg. Grante you will view up

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They can't because they are brother and sisters.

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They can but the baby will be broken maybe a heart in the wrong side one arm and stuff like this

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Actually even know this is gross having a baby with a family member is safer because scince you guys share genes from your parents your less likely to get a desiese. Gross but true

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That's not how that woks, you ARE more likley to have a diseased kid since if both of you have one gene thats good for a trait, and another thats bad for a trait, which is very likely since both your parents gave you about the same genes, then theres a higher chance of having a diseased kid. Its really complicated but since I can't really show diagrams here I'm trying to simplify it.

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U fucking dumb Just because iets uncest doesn't mean they cant have a perfect baby the baby wil be Just like other baby's but incest


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retard look it up incest leads to autism and down syndrome because the same genes can cause a malfunction in the dna

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Dude watch your language and censuer out the h*ck you're ruining this grate christian web site

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i can’t belive I let my kids watch this don’t even censor h**k >:(

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I mean like fuck**g h**k right?

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the shooting star on her sweater isn’t on page 3 but then magically appears of the next page

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and it changes color on page 10

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Anyone else can’t use the menu button without it making a new page please FUCKING FIX THIS ITS SOOO ANNOYING AND MAKES ME NOT WANT TO COME TO THE SITE ANYMORE 

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Its a pop up ad

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It doesnt happen when i use the browser that came on my phone. I HAVE AN ANDROID

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It happen to me on mine

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I just close it like 4 times then it stops until next time I use this website


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Инцест- дело семейное 

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why do i enjoy this

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One of the best Gravity Falls comics I’ve “liked” Make more and show the cum and womb

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I nut like 32 times help

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Fuck you god!

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Your stupid

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Can you make it so that someone cat he's them please if so make Pacifica and make you strip and miss dipper

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Yo this is great! The art style is a good look for these characters. The crappy plot and constant continuity errors distracted me from what we all wanted to enjoy here: Some good ol’ fashion incest. All in all though I’d say this isn’t too shabby.

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Damn it Stan stop making this shit

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Actually, Stan doesnt write this stuff, Soos writes fan-fics.

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This is gross whoever like pinecest or incest in general your a gross inbread hillbilly piece of dog shit and i hope you die of cancer. Good day to u

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Pls kill yourself, faggot

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Damn it satin why have you curced me to like this

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hOmE sWEeT h0Me aLAbAmA

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*shoots myself*

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U need more


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I want to fuck the diesesed baby they create


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