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Joining the Pack


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there’s a similar one of mr peabody and sherman but this was just worst

please stop my life i wish not to be a werewolf anymore

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what the fuck was that pice of shit

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what the hell was that ending??

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Nani the fuck!??!?!?!

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The fuck did I just read

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And have your mom suck DEEZ (Your) NUTS!!! (After homework.)

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(The deez Nuts and this very comment are by me, at I am known as HBRINEGAMING167, or maybe it’s a little different the name, but it has “gaming167” at the end (Caps or Lower Case, maybe one or the other.) Mail shall soon be . (read)

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The internet is weird. I should've listened to mommy

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My mind has been fucked in the ass today

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KILL ME !!!!!!!!!

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me too


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anyone else getting a hotel transylvania vibe 

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Yeah I noticed they looked like the HT wolf cub's too lol

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great comic! i get the story its a little weird but the ending is cute

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what te hell?

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Wow. Short but a whole story.

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so wait if he was made into a girl, that means the kids were... uh oh

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Look again, the kids were there at the start so are most likely Wally's (the guy's) younger siblings. That's how I understood it at least. The siblings like the partner before and that's why they were so happy at the end to see it had worked and she was essentially their real sister now as part of the pack.

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flat cheasted female

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Welp, that's enough internet for today

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Gonna burn my phone now....


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geeez calm your tits

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