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Jungle Love


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ewwwwwwwwwww no old 

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Very nice. What I appreciate is the childhood relationships in these comics. Of course, most of them just get straight to the porn but I genuinely enjoy some kind of story development.

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We must get this off our great Christian website you have been reported

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What the hell is going on with this chat

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I knew how and same

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I am 20 still not have sex. I also want to fuck when i was 10 but i did't how to do it.

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I actually ass raped you when you were born, son.

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just way too young




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yeah are u stupid this is a porn site


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No shit, we're on a pornographic website.

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I Didn't think about that

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this is one of the best comics i've read in a long ass time 

definitely deserves the "Best" tag to it 

while we're at it, can we have a Sholicon tag? i love these intimate comics between young couples, really melts my heart and makes my dick all the harder 

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Are you ok?

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Still going to masturbate to it

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Fuck yeah 

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Too young, just too young bro 

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Dude...they are DRAWINGS. NOT real kids. Jesus H CHRIST.

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