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Technically if Steven doesn't age the this could be in the future when Steven is legally allowed to fuck


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Not many people know this but this is a finished comic, but the full version is in Spanish.

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its cookie kat its a pet for your tummy


ps:this comic is kewiie

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Make moreeeeeee

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Plzz!!! Continue this comic we want to see whats in the fridge

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You can see what's in there, top right corner there are water bottles for steven

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ca peux aussi etre un truc du genre du lait de ses seins


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Lol samex10

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Bottles of her cum. Cuz he needs water.

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True dat

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Steven mentioned that peridot had left on a mission so she is not in the fridge.

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What's in the danm fridge

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We shall never know

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in here. possibly quite literally in HER! 

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Shit what's in the freezer

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Mabe it's a long hidden secret from the past of Lapis frown

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Bet I know it’s that cat ice cream things

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Continue please

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if you do make a new comic or continue this one plz don't make Steven as fat like a little thick is ok

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Wonder what she is going to make steven see??

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Probably some cookie kttens

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Its cookie cat

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What's in the fridge!


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