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Mushed Shrooms Kingdom

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What the fuck 

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this shit made me stop porn for 2 years

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this some fucked up shit


Anonymous's picture

is it weird that I came to this

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That was fucked up, and went way too far.

holyshit's picture

what the hell man you need some help fast

this shit is fucked's picture

what the actual fuck...

Dick head's picture

Cant believe I fapped to this 

Not right's picture

Nigga this shit is dark as hell I couldn't even beat my dick this shit was so fucked up this shit gave me blue balls this is pure shit

Anonymous's picture

Bruv I wanna fuckin die, my fuckin dick rejected to do anything

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I don’t have a dick I am a woman but ya I was turned off so fast from this comic it wasn’t even funny.

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What the unholy shit is this

Person?'s picture

This my friend is soft core gore pon and trust me wgen i say dont look up hardcore gore porn

Raalevah's picture

Ah a man of culture. These pussies can't handle the hardcore stuff, btw could you help a guy out in finding some? 

Anonymous's picture

I have seen hardcore porn and I was fucked in the head for so long

Gross 's picture

This shit is fucking weird

Disgusting Fap's picture

Am disappointed with my self

Random fapper's picture

Who the fuck made this Shit?!?!

killer's picture

What the fuck

Not The Proudest Fapper's picture

I think my mind is twisted to want more like this

Nick Gerr's picture

Almost as twisted as Daisy's 

Person?'s picture

This is pretty damn good

holy shit's picture

What the actual fuck.

why we still here 's picture

Man, why the fuck was this on recommended

WHAT's picture

what the fuck

Well this really, really, really very very VERYYY really fucked up comic.

What is wrong with me these days!

Omg 3 comments, sorry all of that but loading is screwing with me. I apologize.

Bacca's picture

Duse wtf that was too much


Porn watcher's picture

this dude has some very serious problems, What the FUCK???????!

Anon's picture

Tf did i just fap to?

Nathin's picture

This is nothing g come pared to hard core gore

Anonymous's picture

Why this is fucking wierd

Pussydestroyer69's picture

Thats disgusting!

Anonymous's picture

What the fuck did I just fucking read

Just shows howmessed up I am that I was laughing at this.

Some Rando Longboi's picture

What the fuck have I done with my life to get to this point

Wtfking's picture

I'm scared

Anonymous's picture

Omg u killed peach u bastered

Triggered's picture

The part where it was peach and bowser actually pissed me off so much who made this should get their head ripped off just like the toadettes got theres this guy is trash kys plz


why say that its nothing but a comic

Anonymous's picture

Daddy, please, I need more

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I fapped

No. Just. Fucking. No.'s picture

This is too fucked up. Just remove this nightmare, please.

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