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Next Summer



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9/11's picture

good comic so far even with out porn

Yee's picture

Now they added the porn

Kasaku fijimaru's picture

Fookin gud not gonna lie

Anonymous's picture

FUCKING illiterate, go back to school and get GOOD.

Anonymous's picture

I spelt it like that on perpose you fucking retard

Anonymous's picture

Yeah. That FUCKING illiterate, should go back to meme school and git gud

    Dafuq's picture

    I was hoping for porn defuqing porn comic is this

    Demetre's picture

    Please make more of this comics its highly enjoyable and I love the story line 

    Anonymous's picture

    It is said good porn is followable even if you take out all the sex scenes (though i don't know why you would wanna take out one of the best parts).

    Ananomouse's picture

    Yep, pretty niggery

    Dayland Wolf's picture

    i like the story

    Lord_Dragon's picture

    ok why are they not freaking out and embarrased that their naked under the covers? also good story

    Anonymous's picture

    Dipper said he believed that they are currently a mix between there present and future selves meaning while they were shoked about the situation they also accepted it. Which is why they were more suprised than freaking out

    Anonymous's picture

    Don't be the real life version of dipper, it's a fucking comic.  Don't anylize it just read it

    -_-'s picture

    Cuz it's porn, not sex duh

    LOL's picture

    I can't believe that they also had sex with Wendy xD even tho in one episode Wendy told dipper she didn't want him ....    '-' well this is akward

    zach's picture

    it was said in the tv show that they were close to having sex, but they did go out a number of times

    My name 's picture

    I love the story line so far and how it connects with the show in a way. The conflict and build up so far is really notable and while the porn is later to come in this, I love it so far. Make more please 

    Gee's picture

    been waiting for a month I like where this is going sex is secondary the story is great keep it up

    Me_want_update's picture

    Update please

    Cabber's picture

    When will there be new uploads ?

    pissss's picture

    i love cratoon show comics pls donts top with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dank_MEMES's picture


    Its getting interesting son.

    Shinkai's picture

    This is somehow interesting to read even though it's porn. Lmao.

    space_stuff's picture

    it's geting interesting

    SHC's picture

    i need this in my life.

    Anonymous's picture

    Thank you very much for updating!!! 

    Mememachine's picture

    This just to good

    Ducky fart's picture

    More and fester we need it

    Areaisgod's picture

    Oh area you have blessed us with one more of your greatest creations. How ever will we repay you. oh right Patreon...

    Anonymous's picture

    Dude PLZZ PLZZ PLZZ PLZZ PLZZZZ finish this comic plz

    Adam.M's picture

    Need to know what's the Storyline to Vanilla Wakfu one of the Comic you've made please give me feedback. Adam.M

    MorroeB's picture

    I guess we sure can help her finish the comic on her patreon.

    Ya'll need God's picture

    Ya'll need god

    lol's picture

    calm down

    Uzeta's picture

    Is there a new page ?

    A is for shitin on the toilet's picture

    Great job

    Dabbing dabber's picture


    Tib's picture


    DON'T BELIEVE THEM, I am verified's picture


    anon's picture

    I read porn comics for the plot

    Mr.A's picture

    More,more,more and more page 

    Zeet's picture

    New Pages ?

    Awesome comic's picture

    Please more 

    Hi's picture

    Please finish this comic

    Thisis the best so far

    Anonymous's picture

    I just cant wait till its Wendys turn to get dicked by the "little" dipper. I wonder if the author plans on giving her a bush, or a shaved puss

    justsomeone's picture

    definitely shaved... look closer when she started touching herself and at the last page


    Anonymous's picture

    Show Wendy's pussy I've been waiting to see it 

    greg's picture

    all in good time we have a way to go

    Anonymous's picture

    i probally should of finished the show before coninuing


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