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Please Leave a Mess


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Huh i wesh fixxxelr watch this and lear more to make good comics insat shity comics that he/she make

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I love it its so adorable and with an amazing story!

Love it I'm looking foward to reading more of it!

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This isn't like the other comics, because it's not.

I adored it because it's a love story and not just OHH LOOK PORN and it's awesome. Kind of like loving sis, your start to live and understand the characters, Wich attaches you to them and makes the experience WAY better

Tl;Dr: 12/10 would fap everytime

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I thought you said sex tape at first XD

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How can he leave a mess with a condom on?

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crying during sex is the most retarded way EVER to turn someone off , much worse you, as a GUY, are the one crying. Feels like a total loser come up with that idealized sex scene with his real life crush (who rejected him), yeesh...

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Dude/Girl if you think men cant cry then kill yourself the mans happy ok

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overreacting a bit with the killing butsya right

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Oh shit lol I thought the bunny was a guy

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You know, even if you don't like furries you can still enjoy the comic for all the romance

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All the l's are p's

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That was a pretty good comic i wouldn't mind a second one please! 

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why the fuck I cum on this

I really like guys that take the initiative. Even if this guy is a mess he still does his best

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So, by what you just said, can whe safely say that you're a, PURE LOVER?

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good story make more of this plz, i really want to see what happens next

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Please moooreeee

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Why has i as suprised as i was when i saw the animations

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I know right?

The gifs are gerd iz EMEZIN!

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This is pretty good, pls continue

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Plz continue with this comic. I'm begging you

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*reads title*     

me:.... ._.

 *seconds later* me:THATS WUT SHE SAID

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You're on a porn site.... WHAT ELSE DID YOU EXPECT IT WAS GONNA BE???

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