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Precious Love


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Boi u drunk?

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You ever just jerk off to flex on god niggas 

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This is... the saddest porn comic i read in my entire life, all necause of f7cking Kate.. but the comic is great!


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When is going to be the next update 

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Cute, beautiful and stayed for the story

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i like them titties going on it together all inocent and cute 

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Isn’t this a Christian website fuck this shit.

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Lesbians are dumb 

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Well atleast you share something in common with your opinion.

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no wonder ur name was a roaster


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pls continue the comic Kate is so adorable


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who the heckin fuck doesnt like lesbian porn?

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On page 23 max says "so cute" while looking up, however she is taller so she can be looking at kate as she would have to look down to see her unless kate is wearing moon shoes but very unlikley, so who was she looking at?! WHO WAS SHE LOOKING AT GOD DAMN IT

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If you look at page 21 the girls are tje same height, & on page 23 Max's head is tilled downward

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on those pages max is carrying kate

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Why y'all niggas fapping to this when big nigga has cancer?

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Why is it so slow in the making 

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Was that a Sao reference


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Where at?

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Where's the rest of it.

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The comic is not finished so you will have to wait.

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this is a great comic and please continue it with sex


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Ever got a boner and tears in your eyes at the same time before? I have now.


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I hate lesbians

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what the fuck is wrong with go into somebody's page where they have worked so hard to create something people will enjoy, and you go and start shit...not to mention the fact that you are trashin on people who's brains simply work seems to me that you are some stuck up fucktard who just hates on everything because they got nobody to complain to...if you got hateful comments, post them on Twitter or someshit

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Then why the fuck you here