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Star Vs the Forces of Evil - Dude-Doodle-Do

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Pleas continue

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Doesn't this count as rape?

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Same thought here


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Nah its fine, shes wet

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Wow this reply ^ 


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not real.

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its not rape when she's enjoying it or when she's wet.

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You are sick

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More plz

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She'll enjoy it later 


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wtf , this is why rule34 is dying because people make comics about the same shit.

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and im pretty sure this is rape


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She's wet it's fine

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she never concented so its rape but its a comic so who caes if this was real then we should care

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she is going to love motherhood trauma.

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Tea she will enjoy being a mom 


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It's pre mewberty, so she's probably not yet able to get pregnant

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plz more 

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That was smootg af

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how is that smooth

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This is not half bad. Make Moar please.

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ow ow owww looks like a new star comix coming



It's not rape if it's pleasure 

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Plz add anal page!

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Add a page where she gets up rubs hid **** and bite her lip the same as in page 1 then puts his **** at the entrance of her ass and says how about anal instead

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Your not the real creator as it would say trash trash verified

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No only ONE person posts the comics and that is the Administrator also that's his name. So how about you shut up asshole

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Marco's parents should catch them and join in

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Look aat you perverts i mean you people are super gross

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this gay as fuck 

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how?It's a boy and a girl so technically it's straight

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Is she going to enjoy being a mom when she getting raped 

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not gonna add anything more in done even i feel like this is rape (it is)

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This is rape people stop being idiots it’s rape Star didn’t ask for it she didn’t even want it and so what if she was wet so if you wet that doesn’t mean your that horny for your best friend so fuck you you raping basterds and I hope you die in hell who say this is not rape

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aww it's a personal hang up is it not something like this happend to you but you never sead no stop or dont and in the end you hate your self for letting it happen and for loving what he did to you evry seconds of it and know porn of this natcher gets you horny cuz you durty

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I agree rape is wrong

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Shut the fuck up and let me put my dick in your mouth


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Why do you not want to finish this why you put it under wont be finished why


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She's wet as fuck I would Fuck her too and get her pregnant I'm wet as fuck

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Yeah........She don't enjoy it now but later when they keep fucking she'll enjoy it cuz in all the other comic's she enjoys it and wants more so make more pages of this please 


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Gosh love you guys 


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Star be like :  owo whats this?


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