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The Amazing World of Gumass


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Dayland Wolf's picture

is there a scond part to this?

Meh emoji's picture

I wish

Anonymous's picture

No nigga


Anonymous's picture

They should really continue this comic its awsome

Smh's picture

I don't think so :c

reaper's picture

Better be

death to all traps's picture

yes but its fucking terrible

Anonymous's picture

What is it called


Anonymous's picture

They should reallt continue this cause theyre just gonnq fuck 

SweetLies's picture

What the Fuck Did i Just Read...Why did i like it?....why do i want more?

Anonymous's picture

Fucking hot

Anonymous's picture

I'm sexually confused

this guy's picture

…what did i watch?

Not ok's picture

This is just fucked up

Good morning Bitches's picture

Good Afternoon Bitches

Zzlivenenletlive8866's picture

My dick is confused...

A retard's picture

Is dis tha nuu amading wurld uf goomball episote

Butt's picture

Cat ears and human ears at the same time. *MindBlown*

Scott 's picture

My dick is fucking hard and is about to cum because of this

Guy's picture

Folks, what are we doing with our lifes?

Ve's picture

I don't know I mite need help


Dirty Dan's picture

Richard is ugly in this comic who would have a sexy woman as Nicole

Jackass's picture

ok so I just came here to comment that when I read that comic name i laughed my ass off about how bland it was not even the slightest hint of cleverness in that name lmao 

Satin's picture

The hell is this tge creater is now the new satin i am now a demon

The one and only anonymous's picture

Wher is dawin tho

Don't need a name's picture

He is fucking penny!

Anonymous's picture

I know right

would like a second part to this also love the art style

Verified's picture

What the fuck why the fuck when the fuck

Anonymous's picture

Where is gamora

Who is gamora

Why is gamora

ausable's picture

This is nice and all but where the fuck is Darwin

Crying because he can't have sex because he's a fish. All fish do is rub a fin on another fish.Fast, not fun, and boring sex. That's why Darwin is crying so somewhere!

Kill me's picture


can sumone link part 2 in

Anonymous's picture

Man I just wish that anis was fucking gumball damn and this kinda messed up lol


Anonymous's picture

Make a part 2 to this plz


Anonymous's picture

Wtf are we doing with are lives

Anonymous's picture

Search this on 8muses and part 2 will appear

Anonymous's picture

i think this comic shows the divide in the modern family as richard is the lazy male who fucks women and nicole is the hard workimg woman who's lust takes over causing her to fuck her own son and this is why we should nuke the negro race

Anonymous's picture

This shit is FUCKING GOOD

Anonymous's picture

Where's darwin

Anonymous's picture

what u want sex


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