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The Secret (Swan)


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I have a feeling if there is a second book. He's going to do a lot worse because of her. 


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This kinda reminds me of that loud house com8c

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This IS that Loud House comic.  It's based off of a creepy pasta.  I don't know why they changed the names.

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Did she kill him?

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well that girl has a brother complex on steroids with mastered ultra instinct kioken x 100 ssjb

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Nigga got paper clips in her ears?

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More porn

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I actually just stopped my alone time just to sit down and read this comic, it seems professionally done. 

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This exact same thing was printed on a loud house comic

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Soooooo fucked up

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More please!!!!!!!!!!

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On hi just leaving im RAPE

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This was before loud house. I've read this and the one before it a few years back. Then I came across the loud house one this yeah

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Make a other one why I have no idea

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... interesting but disturbing... Extremely disturbing...

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This is very sad 


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Run Tristam Run

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More :D

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When more, this isn't reallt porn, but it still interesting.

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I came here to fap, not to feel uncomfortable with a comic about a realistically abusive relationship, what the hell...

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the secret is free real estate

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Forgot to add the 'Rape' Tag cause she just straight up raped him


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Whoa I read the whole thing then kept thinking to myself that they stole this or may have been inspired by the loud house comic because of the theme and the name but when I go and comment I see pretty much everyone has already done the same thing so I guess ill just comment this then

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well that escalated quickly...

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Damn son... too bad they sexual stuff's all hidden...


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