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The Sleeper


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time to pop out the cyanide

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Good time to crack out the bleach isn't it

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I don't know weather to gag, shoot myself, or Daww

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I think it’s horrible, not because it’s incestual (which is weird but you see that in Alabama all the time) but because he’s raping her every night. I know she likes it, but he doesn’t know that :/

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welll he did say he was sorry.

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That's an experience not a good or bad one but none the less an experience

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oh well time to kill myself

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Good thing i bought that rope

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should i bring the demons?

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Rouses are red lomones are souer bitch on youre knees you owe me an hour

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This iz masterpiece

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Whoever wrote those words of what all Anais says, ITS A MASTERPIECE!!!! And also the one whos said "this is like a poem" I agree with you

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Reeli good shit but theose shoulderst of gumball tho

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dawwww cute

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Well it’s weird but good well I guess it’s about time I go and kill my self.

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I hear you. Haunt me when you die ok. 


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Master pece

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Im still fapping as i type this

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10/10 can't imagine what the sequel would be about...

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Dudes make more of this its good comic

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Ah yes nothing like lolicon but unfortunately I couldn't get hard lol

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I want more

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when i squeeze my ballsacks they look like strawberries, is that normal?

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I'm not a doctor but I don't think so

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I wanked several times

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Plz make some more of this 

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Wait..., that red hair is the Anais? WTF

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Make a sequal to it make them fuck consesual


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Please make more of this commic make a sequel

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More please


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