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Under(her)tail: Monster-GirlEdition Part 1 Reset




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I thought that this is part 2, not remake!

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This is a faster remake of the old series , but it will continue I guess more then the other one. There is another creator and I'm sure he will continue because he liked the old Under(Her)Tail so he wanted to remake the series with more parts what we don't saw in the old one.

Supreme_Gopnik_Stalin's picture

No, TheWill is the same creator of Under(her)tail. This is just a spinoff, I think.

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This isn't a spinoff. It's a Restart. Like how in the game you can restart and things can be a little different. This is that. 

Anonymous's picture

It's actually a reset, which means frisky in the original comic chose to reset, which means the flashbacks to the first route, the genocide route, will continue to play throughout the comic, essentially creating a ptsd effect on frisky. 

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No it wasn't the genocide route it's the neutral route.

no shit's picture

It says "part 1", dumbass

Smartass's picture

TheWill made a "restart" of the series to see how the out comes will look like plus add new things to tell old story, don't call someone a dumbass if you don't have knowledge, dumbass

That one nerdy prick's picture

Technically its both because of the rules of undertale

Sass22's picture

TheWill probably gave up on continuing and went with reset

Anonymous's picture

its kinda part two dont vorget he reset

wut's picture

wtf is going on?

Comdotpaul's picture

I miss goat moms old face

Jerysiek's picture

plis more i love it

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Intresting a remake, proceed 


Anonymous's picture

it was a reset by pebbles but friksy remembers what happened

Anonymous's picture

if you layed undertale you would understand this isn't a true reset

AnonymousFriend33's picture

I waited so long for this, YES MY DICK WILL NOW BE HAPPY AGAIN

Unoy's picture

Damn hope some new elements are added instead of just a simple remake. 

Anonymous's picture

Hey when flowey tried to anal frisky did that feel weird but kinda cool? 

And sexy

The gay nigger's picture

Some never things change

Anonymous's picture

I Can Finally Cum on Undertale again


Anonymous's picture

true i was fapping when i saw this

Sans's picture

I love the art style plz More

Anonymous's picture

Make more please 

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the will in his Tumblr said this will be a remake for all the 3 parts and after it's ender it will be the continue to the old series or continue to the ramke and make with it part 4

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I really thought that this would be the genocide run he teased before, but this looks like it's just a remake, and idk why he'd remake it because he never fully finished the old series :/

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I can’t see any pictures up to image 13 and when a I tried to open it on a new window it says that it doesn’t exist on the server.

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Than you lords of under her tale, thank you


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her mouth look very weird 

P's picture

She broke him 

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Page 15: It is has been too long

100 years's picture

i will die before this finish

fauk u's picture

me too

Jacob's picture

Hate to admit it but the Remake is way better than the original

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Why does not have tag best?

Anonymous's picture

Is this gonna be the other ending you know rape ending ?

Anonymous's picture

i was looking at "some never things change" for to longbefore i realize what it said

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I swear if someone asks if this is a Remake on More time im gonna take a shit on my iphone

seriously is it?'s picture

Is this a remake?

ausable's picture

You better start shitting because I have to ask you, Is this a remake?

She is so...'s picture


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Christ, he updates slower than a Windows 10 laptop

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well as far as i know he remade this so he can fix previous mistakes.for example bendy and the ink machine's creator hade "remade" the first three chapters so he chould tell the story better and improve the art style/compactness of this exaple when you look in the "broken ankle scene" between the original and this version i noticed this fact.this was the same in the "flowy lesson" but also showing off this is a reset.

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I hope TheWill is not dead 

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More give us more!!!. Please finish it!!

Anonymous's picture

I love her comics

Anonymous's picture

More please


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Finnaly good undertale porn


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He updates this every day just look up the will under her tale and the first result is the one he updates the most


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