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Vanellope Von Schweetz


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Just too young bro 

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wtf do u mean yore doing this with youre kid and you have a kid but you use porn web sits tis tis tis (in snarky voice)

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You know... suicide is still an option. BUT I DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYBODY TO DO IT! unless you... no, just don't

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Fucked my cousin when she was 4 and I was 10. Can’t stop loving this kind of stuff. 

Anonymous's picture

Fucking weird man, I hope you're joking.

FBI's picture

  Everybody who has viewed this comic is arrested

 You have the right to remain silent 

 Anything you say can and will be used in a court of law  

 If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you 

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Also, everybody who is viewing and has viewed this comic is being monitored and closely watched at all times.

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You are presenting fake acusations against my clients, and i can probe it.

First of all, you dont have the right to interfere with, illegal lolis, because that is a problem only cared by the ONU, so you dont have any right to present acusations.

Also, the "underage" people from tais comic, Arent underage!! As far as i know, the characters from this comic are from the movie wreck it ralph,wich is a movie that shows the lite in an arcade. But... something have been bothering me... 

*punchs the table*.


So, ir my calculations are correct. She is 21 YEARS OLD, SO HIS PORN ISNT ILLEGAL, AND SHE IS AN ADULT.

Oh, and if anyone wants to present charles for Copyright, srry m8, but this is proyecten by the Fair use rules, so it entera in the sección OF parody

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Holy shit he got you there 

Anonymous's picture

Holy fucking shit

Lawyer's picture

U viewed it too though!?!

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I fucked my sister when I was in 6th grade. And I loved it. We didn't get caught till I was in 8th grade. Gotta love young pussy.

Anonymous's picture are these comments Jesus Christ

Sally's picture

I was raped when I was 6

Anonymous's picture

Did you like it

Anonymous's picture

"Did it feel good though?" Jesus christ Ricegum, stop harassing people!

Anonymous's picture

im a 6th grader and i fap

Anonymous's picture

Why should we care many young people have fapped I've done it since um let's see 2nd grade..?

Anonymous's picture

Thats cool

Anonymous's picture

How fucking old was your sister 


i....didnt fucked anything.



Anon's picture

Suicide is an option

Autism's picture

I played doctor with a girl down the street don't fuck within your family unless you want kiss with cleft lips and webbed toes.

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You guy's are fucked in the head. I feel violed just looking at this shit

...'s picture

My dick is confused about if I'm supposed to fap or not to this comic?

CIA's picture

Wtf is going on hear

CIA's picture

You better not fap to this

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This is so fucking hot

Anonymous's picture

See this is why the moose gods try to kills us 

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Drill a hole in a gatorsde bottle at the bottom, and tape an xl condom onto the top....fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap  

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So I'm pretty sure the SWAT team is about to break in but this shit is fucked up.

SWAT's picture

Actually, i have been drinking beer in the background all along.

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ehh... I've seen worse.

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(Sirens in the distance)

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God damnit they found me

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I walked in on my sister using a Blue dragon dildo yesterday. I got a video, anyone wanna see?

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Yus plz!!!!

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Yh sure m8

Anonymous's picture



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Oh oui

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wtf i just wanted to finger myself


YOU are ALL Under arrest it is illegal to impersonate a legal representative and person of laws by further notice from a federal agency seen bye you will bmoniterd and will be legally used in court.

Anonymous's picture

You can't  jail a dead body. *Proceed to kill my self*

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Please make more for this.

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Guys even if she is a kid it doesn't mean that real child you morons

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According to the law, you are allowed to view child porn but not own it or save it on any electronic device or own any print photographs or drawn images. So technically we are able to view this but not take screenshots.

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fbi should be knocking on my door any minute now

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what nobody put in all caps fbi open up in the comments thats suprising


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