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Zoey! Watch Your Ass!



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what the fuck

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Its fucking hot Right?

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its fucking disgusting

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Absolutely disgusting 

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well fuck u bitch is baby scare

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Aver amigo para q lo miras si no te gusta no vengas a joder con esos comentarios para eso no lo unieras visto y listo pajero

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They should add snuff to this cuz i'm really getting that vibe from this.

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Its pretty good, honestly the only thing that weirded me out was the last picture of the zombies babies, I know this isn't suppose to make full sense, but it kinda crosses that line since zombies are undead beings, normally a being can't be born properly if it's an undead, so it would make sense if they looked a tiny bit deformed.

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Actually, zombies are not undead, calling them undead is just an irony. Zombies, are actually inmortal, and maybe breeding could be possible. And even more probable, considering that zombies fron l4d are the fastes zombies, and they are not rotten, or anything. They are just braindead, thats all. But anyways, its gross, amd i get your point :)

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yall bitchs really talkimg about if zombie can havr babys?

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Actually left 4 dead zombies as we call them ain't zombies they are people who were infected with green flu which is basically rabies for humans

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But the mother was living

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Well she turned into a half zombie considering she could still speak

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The green flu dosent resurect the host it mutates the host hence why we have different special infected like smokers and jockeys as well as the common infected.

Lets say you put a witch and a hunter together in order to create a baby it in theory could happen the Green Flu mutates often and we dont have alot to go on.

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nah mate they have a rabes-like virus they arnt dead

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I want second part with ellis Nick coach and Rochelle

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Why is there no chargers or spitters, also female hunters are not canon, also also it's impossible for zoey to become infected

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i'll answer your questions

1. chargers fap enough already

2.Spitters are nasty and would be terrible at giving blowjobs

3.we can't actually discern a hunters gender because of the hoodie they wear ingame and how fast they normally move

4.The green flu constantly mutates, it could have hijacked the reproductive system and then backtracked it's way through the body.

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Zoey is a carrier she doesnt show symptoms but is infected


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