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Dead or Alive 5: Last Nude Round


Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Team Ninja / Koei Tecmo Games
Platform: PC / Windows
Version: 1.08
Version of the modification: 2.50
Language: English + Japanese


Updated the collection to version 1.08 with the addition of Mai Shiranui and Naotara. The total weight of the game is now 50 GB, of which 42 occupy more than 10 thousand mods of clothes and nude body. All costumes were added using the AutoLink mod 2.50 and divided into clothes slots. Mai is the only girl with all the clothes you can choose on any suit because so far no more than 100 mods have appeared for her. All other girls have all the clothes divided into a separate suit, as there are more than 126 times the limit set for AutoLink. The collection does not have any men's fashion, since I was too lazy to add them (I'm already tired with some girls). Left DLC and standard clothes for girls, but with the help of Autolink selected sexual variation of the original. In those suits that look like original with shorts and without boobs, clothing tears to tits and along with cowards. The camera mode is enabled for the history mode, but you can control the camera only when paused and using the individual buttons. All video clips are replaced with hentay, and I even put voiceovers on some instead of dialogues. The most important change is a new animation in a private beach and now there are as many as 10 sets. There are dances near the pole, ball games, sitting on a chair and lying on an inflatable boat. Now you can even add music to the videos. In order to see all the kits you need to open a private beach in the gallery and switch them with the F9 + 1, F9 + 2 ... F9 + 0 keys. Standard animation can be returned by pressing F9 + P. The F9 + 0 set is a standard variant in which all the sets with music are collected and they are distributed among the girls, it is loaded immediately when the game starts.

Additional Information: 

This version is intended for testing and I recommend reporting any errors and departures that may occur. At the start of the game and entering the menu is loading all the mods and the game freezes for a couple of minutes. At the first start of the game there will be a message of Checking contents, however when it is finished it is recommended to leave the game and go back in again so that the modes are loaded normally. In the game, the camera is modified when watching the repetitions of fights and a private beach and now you can increase and decrease Zoom as much as you want, you can also look through the floor and obstacles that were not in the original game. All pictures in the photo mode are saved in the ScreenShot folder.


If you want to open all the videos, titles and costumes, then in the folder with the game is my save with 100% passing game. In order to use the save, you need to copy the folder "KoeiTecmo" from the folder "Dead or Alive 5: Last Nude Round" to the folder "My Documents".

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right now it has zero seeds, or to put it simply: it damn can't be downloaded

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como faço para liberar a mai no paraiso privado???





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How do I get the files VCOMP100.dll and VCOMR100.dll? These are missing when I try to stary the game.

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maš bravdu

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Please also write system requirenments.


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where to download uncensor patch?


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Sorry I was tricked by first movie that's hard censored.

BTW I can't configure keyboard...

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How do you open a private beach?

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It says that it is missing VCOMP100.dll

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