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Year: 2019 Censorship: No Developer/Publisher: Mmirror Platform: Windows, Mac Version: v0.14 Language: English System requirements: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz RAM: 512 MB DirectX 9 HDD: 1.3 GB
  The Story so far, you control Kate, a literature major who awakens in her room in the cruise “Fun Space Fun” (property of an alien tycoon who can’t speak english) without recollection of what happened yesterday and with a terrible hangover. Soon she will realize that most of the passengers of the “Fun Space Fun” have turned into sex maniacs, Kate will have to traverse the cruise looking for her best friend who invited her to this cruise, looks for help and try to get out of the sex infested vessel. To accomplish that task she will meet a colorful cast of characters, who will help (or hinder) her escape and you will control or embrace her sexual urges.​
Additional Information: 
Changelog 0.14 - Myra pornstar ending added with her ending scene + epilogue added - Myra, Selene and Kate threesome scene added - Myra's third scene added - Bug fixes   0.13 Added Cheba Girlfriend ending -Cheba gf ending final scene -Cheba Gf ending final bonus -Added Cheba's third scene inside the ship -Added Sophie's collectable -Due to technical issues of some of you we are uploading the game in zip versions now   v.0.12 Changelog -Lots of bug fixes, many of them related to walking on walls -New area, theater square -New sex scene Kate and Lucila -New sex scene Kate and Cheba -Remake for Kate and Myra second sex scene -New enemy: Big guy 2 with his scene and battler. -New ending: Kate alone How to get the new scenes -Lucila: The other one is in Bob and Lucila's route side with Lucila during the fight and let her kiss Kate when she tries to after the monorail station Kate and Lucila will go to find some snacks then say "follow your desires " then during cheba's party go and check on her. Myra: This scene will happen after Erika's part, Myra will tag along with Kate for a while and after they climb up the stairs Kate will speak with Myra. Select you are doing a grat job and if you have 20+ relation they will have sex. Cheba: For this scene to happen you need to had sex with Cheba during the party and have 30+ lust, after that in the slimegirl area you need to loose against one of them and the scene will play out. Big guy: When he appears in theater square let him win, even if Kate gets defeated (and has sex) by the Big guy, she will win the fight Ending "Kate Alone": This is the most basic ending, if Kate hasn't a ending with another character this ending will play out, it has 2 versions. one with clothes and another with naked if Kate has 90+ lust   v0.11.1 -Fixed error while opening the gallery -Lowered the required lust to access Selene's new scene from 50 to 30 -Experimental Mac version (there might be issues related to saving the game, we don't have access to a mac so our efforts to fix this are slowed by that fact)   v0.11 -New sex scene Selene and Kate (Won't end up in a bad ending) -New sex scene Kate and Slimy -New enemy Plantgirl with her corresponding sex scene -New collectable catgirl Kate -New area red light district building -Changes in the dialogue in the third floor entrance so the new scenes make more sense. -We fixed the bugs you reported to us and a couple more   v0.10 -New area added red light district A -New character slimy (no sex scene for her in this version) -New enemy Big guy -New enemy catgirl hooker -Threesome with Bob and Lucila added -New collectable Kate's new year -Moans added to some scenes (the new enemies and old scenes without enemies for Kate and Erika) -New item "tranquilizer" reduces lust (most of the are in nightstands and one in a box in at the center of a new area) -Bug fixes, most notably a bug in Bob and Kate scene where the scene ended if Kate said she was a virgin. -Changed the Lust requirements to force Kate in Selene's bad ending. Now The game will force a bad ending upon meeting Selene with 75+ lust.   v0.9.1 -Gallery fixed (pic_129 not found error) -Now Kate can have sex with Peter as intended -Kate can have sex with Myra (after Erika's part) with or without having sex when you meet her.   v0.9 New sex scene : Peter and Kate New sex scene: Myra and Kate New enemy: Valaqi New enemy: Futanari Catgirl New area: River district mall 3 New tracks added to game music. Fixed some notable bugs as looking for Erika in the "alone" route and speaking with Erika in the same route... a lot of Erika related bugs were fixed.   v0.8.3 -Added all the quest trackers -Fixed Bug at the end of Erika's quest   v0.8.2 -Bug fix on Cheba's room (for her scene) -The game come with some of the quest trackers, at least in the early parts of it - In Erika's route a message was changed when you reach the room with gas to make less confusing (people used to think there was a bug in there)   v0.8.1 -Bug fixes. Now you can go past Dr. Selene without a getting stuck on a black screen and some small bugs on Erika's part.   v0.8 -New area 9th floor B -New area 5th floor -Added gallery on the menu -Added some markers on Erika's part for the quests -Remake of Kate waking up scene -New scene Kate and Cheba -New scene Erika and female formortian -Minor bugs fixes -Now the threesome scene activates the have sex with Cheba trigger (which at the moment grants some extra dialogues)   v0.7 -New Character (Selene) -First “Bad” ending -New sex scene between Kate and Myra -New sex scene between Selene and Kate -New collectable -2 New small areas (Crew quarters and Another entrance to the convention center) -Provisional character sprite for Selene -Myra’s relationship points now start at 15. -Around 60 Bug fixed (Including a big one in Bob and Lucila’s route that wouldn’t let you access Bob’s scene)   v0.6 -New Are added bridge - Sex scene with Bob - Sex scene with Cheba and Peter - 1 new enemy (Slimegirl) with a new scene -Title screen changed to the new one - 1 new character sprite for the daporial (The grey guys) - Small side quest for Erika added (It will be active after lunch if you have sex with her, the night before) -Bug fixes for earlier content -Sedatives can now be found in every route (You’ll need the for Bob’s scene)   v0.5.2 - You can't clip trough walls - The sprites on the ending have been fixed - Fixed small spelling mistakes.   v0.5.1 -Starting location has changed back to the start of the game.   v0.5 -Convention Center A added (New area) -New Character (Myra) -New naked sprites for Kate and Erika -2 New enemies (one scene for both) -New scene between Kate and Erika -Improved combat system -More items in old areas (for balance)   v0.4.1 -Bug fixes.   v0.4 -Together route added -Alone route added - 2 new scenes added - New character (Cheba) -2 new collectibles -Colectables are now items. -Bug fixes in Erika’s route and the beginning. - More spelling fixes. -Text windows changed. -New character sprites for Bob, the formortian and some random naked girls.   v0.3 -Continuation of Erika’s route -Added new character (Peter) -Added new area (9th floor) -Added 3 new scenes -Added 1 collectible -New character sprites for Kate, Erika, Lucila and the akedians. -New Bgm for Kate’s room -Some quality of life fixes for some quests -Bug Fixes -Fixed some spelling mistakes   Older Versions -Added new sprites for Kate and Erika -Continuation of Bob and Lucila route. -Added 3 new scenes. -Added two new big areas. -Bug fixes for the previous version. (0.1.5 and 0.2) -Fixed some spelling mistakes. -Lowered lust requirement for "tan guy" event.   v0.1.5 -Remade the game into Rpg Maker MV -Changed game resolution from 544x416 to 1024x768 -Map design overhaul -Added Orgy scene -Added New expressions for Kate -Dialog has been fixed -Small changes in quests (Mainly the quest to get out of Kate’s room)  
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