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Pandemonium Slash: Princess Sakura


Version: 1.04
Censorship: There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Akai tonbo, Red Dragonfly
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: Japanese


Funny 3D RPG with nice graphics, in which you need to kill monsters and swing level, collect loot in the form of new clothes, weapons and other things.
There are simple quests, taken from residents. Kill certain monsters or a group of them.
Monsters can be raped or killed in response.

Additional Information: 

(Japanese title: Hyakki Yagyo: Tsuruhime Muzan, lit.
"Night March of 100 Spirits: Sword Princess Atrocity")

* The world's first real time H 3D ARPG arrives
The ero game world has never seen this kind of X-rated 3D action-roleplay fusion;
Presenting high spec weapon-wielding, lifelike fluttering clothes, battles and sex scenes all in one.

* Full 3D open world and freestyle movement
Enjoy the great freedom provided by 3rd person POV, with spontaneous lighting and movement
That bring life to battles.

* 20 hit combos
Level up more by chaining your attacks: Sakura can land up to 20 hits at a time. Battle in style!

* Ragdoll physics
Take unapologetic joy in slaying monsters that flop and fly in entertaining ways.

* Real time hair and cloth simulation
Sex scenes take on added realism with real time world details and reactive physics.

* Multiple outfits
Change Sakura's look anytime, anywhere. Every outfit can be obtained by defeating monsters.
Build her wardrobe and cosplay for even better sex.

* Monsters sex galore
Over 40 species and over 90 sex scenes. Do it all over the place!

* Created with UNITY 3D
For the best experience please see your computer meets system requirements.
Please play the trial to confirm compatibility.

About CG gallery mode, we are afraid that we can not implement a static CG gallery as
Other RM-like games. This is a very complicated 3D game and all contents are realtime and dynamic triggered.

The CGs are unlimited so it is impossible to show all erotic CGs among all
Monsters, player positions and scene backgrounds.

In order to solve this case, we are designed a summon mode instead. Summon mode means you can summon any monster at any place and any time to interact with a player in the game runtime.

Just simply type R + (monster serial) + Enter, e.g., R + 1 + Enter to summon the monster you want then type. If you want to watch the erotic CG movies.
With summon mode, we can provide not only, erotic movies but also fights, weapons and
Costumes to our players. You can imagine that as a dynamic CG gallery.

We think of the classic CG game in 3D games.

Hope this explanation is helpful for you and our review.


How to install an antsensor
Copy the file sharedassets1.assets from the UncensorPatch folder to Sword_Hime_Data.

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PH's picture

This game is like No man's sky, broken. Only i can understand no man's sky since it's in english Fuck this broken ass game

My Dude's picture

Where exactly does it tell me where the uncensor patch is?

madlord's picture

where can I  find the unsensore potch?

Anonymous's picture

At the bottom of the description there are instructions, though poorly spelled, explaining where the uncensor patch is.

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