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Play Club + Studio


Play Club / プレイクラブ
PlayClub Additional Data + Studio / プレイクラブ追加データ+スタジオ
Censorship: patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Illusion & Hongfire
Language: Japanese


Illusion latest to provide a custom 3D Pretty us your favorite, the feast of the defunct pleasure insatiable!
Work now also equipped with a new engine • Unity in, significantly power up !! slut body of texture and motion, until the background and custom
In particular customization can be done in real time, is led to tits in the "OSS (boobs slider Special)"
Size, angle of up, down, left and right, softness, gravity, such as nipple (climax condition of erection-areola), to be more detailed adjustment!
It is also possible to change the play partner such as giant-dirty man-woman, Rogue Torture drama that is repeated in the mystery of the mansion is gradually increasing the heat!?


1. Mount the file "Image game [Image game] \ PlayClub.mdf" in Daemon Tools (included) and close the autorun installer.
2. Go to the image (My computer => Right click on the image => Open)
And run the file "setup \ ILLUSION レ イ ク ラ ブ ブ .msi".
3. Install the game in a folder with the name of the game in English and a simple path to the folder with the game (for example - E: \ Games \ Play Club).
The game is installed!
4. Launch the Play Club HF Patch (located at the root of the distribution). Choose the necessary for the installation.
The game is ready!

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best game ever

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i want to play this game

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