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Slave Maker 3.5


Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: cmacleod42
Platform: PC/Windows
Medicine: Not required
Version: 3.5beta3 (fixed)
Language: Multilingual


You start the game Slave Trainer in the kingdom of Mioa. It is very small, compared with the surrounding countries. Despite its size, the kingdom of Mioa is much richer than its neighbors. In Mioa, a huge number of girls are being trained. The Kingdom is famous for its well-trained slaves. The local trainers will take up the training of any female being. Be it an angel, a demon, an ordinary girl or an exotic creature. It does not matter for what purpose the customer acquires a slave. He can be sure that the girl will be a first-class mistress.

Additional Information: 

1. The game is Packed in the installer, because the torrent file is over 2MB
2. In installer Packed version 3.4.0 with the bug-fix from 5 Aug 2014. + update to 3.5 beta 20 from September 2015.
3. To change the language in the game, go to "Options" => "Appearance" in the Language field enter the required language.


1. Start Setup.exe follow the instructions of the installer.
2. Wait for the installation to complete.
3. The contents of the folder "Update_3.5beta2" to copy the directory installed games with replacement.
4. Launch from the desktop "Slave Maker.exe" or from the menu "start".

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it's very sexy

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