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Tactics elemental

TE_1.jpgYear: 2016
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Fred Perry
Platform: PC/Windows
Version: 1.41 + 1.4 DLC + Patch
Language: English
System requirements:
Any PC made in the last 7 years with any graphics card made in the last 7 years should be able to run this game on its highest settings.
(The development machine was and is a HP p71148 with a AMD A6-3600 APU with Radeon HD 2GHz… with 8gigs of ram on a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS…(LOW END!)
Basically, if you can run any unity built game, you can run TE.
You *will* need about 10gig for your Hard disk… There are a LOT… a ((LOT)) of high-res images in this game!!! You can run it off a 16gig jumpdrive though… as long as you’ve got a usb2 connector… (I think you can do it with usb1 too.)


The game features a story with a cast of nine main characters and 20 optional characters as they embark on a mission to save their world from a cosmic, existential catastrophe.

When you take your company of adventurers through the main story and on side quest adventures, some characters will grow closer together romantically. Forming a loving bond in this time of strife. As the bonds grow, erotic side stories called “Interludes” will become available. When an interlude concludes, the pair will enhance a special magical enchantment that gives both a tactical advantage in the battles to come. These interludes flesh out the character’s relationships. Reveal more about the world of Nowhere and are pretty durn hot.

Additional Information: 

There will be at least 224 available interludes to discover during your quest illustrated with over 500 sexy hi-resolution scenes. (Good lord I worked hard on this game.)

Everything supports the epic, rollicking take of friendship, adventure, comradery and existential betrayal as the good guys try to stop a crappy armageddon with the aid of their best and only hope, the Eternial.

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torrent plz.

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