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The Dark Lord's Trip

ts75f59qf9wda5co9kpwemi0v.jpgYear: 2017
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Logan
Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS 
Version: BETA Build 2017-09-05
Language: English
System requirements: PC/Windows/ MacOS, CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, RAM 512 MB, DirectX 9, HDD 500 МB RPG MAKER


This game is heavily inspired by Akabur's work and is built in RPG Maker MV. The story is a spin-off/sequel of the Princess Trainer Gold.
Hades finds himself in an unkown location after being turned into a human with an intensified lust for girls.
Now he has to find the mysterious sorcerer who did this to him to get his divine powers back.
Searching, fighting and fucking his way to his goal.

Additional Information: 

Various characters from cartoons;
Original drawings;
Complex animation of the combat system;
Parallaxed cards;

Average: 2.7 (16 votes)


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How do you get into the city? Or is this still being developed?

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Any updates?

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For some reason I cant save progress :(

Save does not work at all for me.

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