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The Mating Season

Year: 2018387bc172414071a3d5646664af48a6e1.jpg

Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove

Developer/Publisher: Akabur

Platform: PC/Windows/Linux/Mac

Version: v1.03

Language: English

System requirements: 

OS: 7;

CPU: PentiumII 450 МГц;

RAM: 512 МБ;

VRAM: 128 МБ


  Meet the newest game from Akabur, The Mating Season, with the characters from the Teenage mutant ninja turtles featuring April O'neil, the turtles and Splinter in different chapters.

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kdy bude aktualizace


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how we install and play it

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And here I thought he meant he was putting April in Star Channel 34

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Someone do a let's play on it 

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