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The Queen of Fighters Redux


Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Hloader
Platform: PC / Windows
Version: v1.0b
Language interface: English
Language of voice: Japanese


In this fighting game, there are sprites of girls from most fighting games that you can fuck. At the top of the selection menu are female characters from KOF, SF, VG and many other fighting games, and at the very bottom of the male characters who can fuck them. In the game there are combat modes one-on-one, two-by-two and teams of 4 to 4. There is also a survival mode where you have to fight all the fighters, which in principle is impossible because of their number. Each girl has her own backside, on which they fight. Since there are too many fighters, I decided to remove the system of complexity and now all the fighters are chosen randomly and now you can get lucky and you will compete with a light opponent or with a super complex who will give you an infinite number of combos. However, if you still won 13 enemies in arcade mode, then you will be shown a reward in the form of a hentai ending for each character.

Additional Information: 
To run the game you need to run the file THE QUEEN OF FIGHTERS.EXE

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no funciona menuda puta perdida de tiempo descargar esos 20GB

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found a fix. right click the folder and uncheck the read only box. then ok

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that didn`t solve the problem


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i find the solution and i also get the same error of d3d9.dll and 2 more errors after 4 days of download i solved its problem

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how? wich is the solution?

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this is just mugen, you'd be better off customizing your own mugen, personally my mugen is about half 18+ characters that are just compatibility edits and only contains a few rapers so, it's mostly innocent until kuromaru or similar shows up.
personally I use

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though you'll want to make an account and make some comments (try to make meaningful comments and just be happy with a slower download pace until you achieve it) in order to get rid of the advertising and strict downoad limit. or you could donate. might be worth it since the archive is a very good resource and mugenfreeforall went down a while back.

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I have finished download it but I can't run it. Please let me know how can I run this app

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Error :c

Sin título.png

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Please fix the game I want to play it and I can not get it out

Mugen error

Error detected.

Clipboard tail:

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how do I fix this


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how to undress all girls

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anyone found the fix to the crash before any fight ?

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I do not know

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how do i run it

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So I've finished downloading it and I go to run it, i'm able to select my characters and continue on but as soon as it attempts to load the stage it crashes to the desktop, anyone gota fix for this?

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Mee too:( somebody help

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yea I knowww :(

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