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Witch Trainer 1.6F

0005.jpg Year: 2016
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Sad Crab
Platform: PC / Windows, Linux, MacOs, Android
Version: 1.6F/ 0.0.1
Language: English/Russian
System requirements: OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 or MacOS, Linux, Android | HDD: 500 MB


Witch Trainer - a game in the genre of an erotic simulator (18+) from Sad Crab, which was released in 2015 on a PC. It involves a famous witch and just a beauty - Hermione Granger. In the video game there are faculties, teachers and students, and the struggle for the title of the best student at the faculty. But the game is included in the category of adult games, so in it, Hermione will not only learn spells. Also, the girl will try to do her best to get the coveted points to the faculty, even if she has to have sex with teachers and students.
The plot line begins with a puzzled awakening of the heroine in the office of the director of the school of magic, which leads to further unforgettable adventures. At the disposal of the user is blackjack, a school of magic, girls of easy virtue and many pleasant bonuses. The main goal of the video game is the education of young sorceresses and helping them to become real sexual tigresses with magical inclinations. As soon as night falls, the girls expect you to generously bestow on the acquired skills.
Witch Trainer is a computer game that will satisfy the fantasies of many millions of fans of Harry Potter's book series of adventures. Developers are not stupid people, so the genre for entertainment picked up the corresponding - an erotic adventure for people who have reached the age of eighteen.
You, as a magician, receive a letter announcing that it was you who were chosen to enter the school of magic and magic of Hogwarts. But it's clear that you will not go there to learn magic and magic, but to seduce the girls, offering them to look at their magic wand. Few sorceress will refuse such pleasure, therefore, you most likely something, yes perepadet, especially since there are four faculties in the school, and that means four times the chance to have sex.
But the main wet fantasy, as always remains Hermione Granger. She's a diligent student in Gryffindor. But it seems that she is only outwardly, but in her heart that amateur mistress, that's just to make her open, will have a good work, and in fact it will not be easy, because she has too high a reputation among the other students , it is not surprising that as a gentleman, she wants to see such an intelligent student, there's nothing to be done, you'll have to start learning how to make potions, and also to conjure. Otherwise, the heart of a beauty can not be won.

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How do you open the game after you downloaded the file

Anonymous's picture

How do you play the game

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why dose it start in russina?

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please, see wath is the probleme with the android files

Anonymous's picture

Error is there in Android 


Anonymous's picture

Can't open the apk file

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how to shoose other girls


Anonymous's picture

why isnt there a computer version

Anonymous's picture

There is a problem with the android files

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what the password to Android rar?

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spent a lot of hours without noticing. amazing arts, animations, good plot. 12/10

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It's in russian

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Can't get android apk to download it saying error

kuka's picture

How do I switch to english?

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On the title screen look to the left of her legs. There are letters for RU and EN. Click EN and it switches to English

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how do i get all from pic 5 and op i can only get hermione and daphne and bird girl but not fuck her :(

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link broken even if you get it downloaded files will be missing

Thanks for report. I reload archive. Now work.

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how to open rar file


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I cant even download this because the download fails everytie i try to downloade it (chrome and firefox) someone please help

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Just keep resuming it thats what i did.

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