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Hey Kirby is girl ir male 


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Whoever made these you are a sick motherfucker

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Kirby is male

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no one gives a fuck

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Kirby isnt gay or I choose to believe he is, not saying its cannon or fact ,but he definitely is male not female

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Same person here ps don't have a problem with gay people alot of my friends are gay or lesbian 

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what the fuck kirby is a dude why is he sucking dick

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What if kirby is gay. And technically kirby is an amobea which doesn't have a sex.

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Fuck off, that was a matpat theory. Those are mostly wrong

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the page where kirby is sucking on the waddle dee's boob is somewhat adorable but if he was just carrying her it would be more adorable, also the page with him and the ghost is cuter than sexy

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