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Adult humor part 2

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rumble x giffany is something i never knew i wanted.

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Is it just me or in a lot of adult comics and such penises bend at abnormal rates? Just look at page 14. These people need to see Jesus.

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Not gonna lie but on 76, it got me wondering, what if most objects were mini human sex beings? Like for the tube of toothpaste you have to make it cum to brush your teeth

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Wait a minute, that's Star Butterfly at page 31.

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#100 is genius


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page 60, luigi either has the biggest of smallest dick and that's why he turned around.

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Now I am not off to get the game on 27

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I cummed

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The guy on the last one looks like neighbor from Hello Neighbor

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(Page 100) Teach me more master!

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last one almost worked

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Actually tried 61. Same reaction times 10 I got slapped.

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27/100 "Supports Family Settings"

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This is hawt as fuck bby 

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(62-77) - Well, I'm off to psychological therapy see you all in ten years.

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Wait up for me

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Don't leave me behind.

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I will never use chopsticks, eat fried chicken, use earbuds, use a pop-open tissue box, use matches or slippers. Fuck the therapy, I'm going straight to the psycho ward.

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Yeah same all I can see while walking down the street now are flying fried chicken wings

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I agree with that

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