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Living with HipsterGirl and GamerGirl

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Just about to have sex with my cousin 


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Sweet home alaAlab

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Gotta love sexism. *eyeroll*

I mean, there's a lot of it in porn, but this aint exactly porn, is it? Anyway, back to jacking off.

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This comic is shit

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There are only like 2 instances of boobs in this entire thing.

Well it may not be porn but it damn funny anyway.

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On page 157 gamergirl "took an arrow to the knee", sound familiar?

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Wow, i've never heard those jokes before... God, so lame...

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This is also on YouTube 

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This is from meme center

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I love this comic

Are there more parts soon?

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Go to porn shit and don't click adult humor


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This is not porn damnit

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Oh I forgot I was on a porn site

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Same here

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I definitely see a connection between Erika and Arthur, the toy Arthur on her bed and how she pretended to be scared to get in Arthur's arms

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Eh it's funny some parts but this is more like a fan fiction rather than a porn comic

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So this is not porn comics, it's humor.

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