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Love 4 the Family

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Pretty sure this comes under the 'Cock-Blocked' Category or 'Blueballs' or 'Pussy Dammed'

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The kids are gay and the parents are straight. Can't wait to see where this goes (or who gives in first)


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The kids are gay and the parents are pedos

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at least they didn't fuck, yet...

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Ah, an endless loop of unquenched horny-ness.

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I want more of this pls.

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This comic is so fucking wrong the son loves the dad, the dad loves the daughter, the daughter loves the mom, and the mom loves the son. That means none of them will be happy unless they rape the person they love. So whoever made this is dumb

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But won't it be hotter that way?

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Go back to playing fartknife u virgin.

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too much logic man the love square is whats ment to be funny

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this is all kinds of fucked up, remove the kid chasing the dad and its flawless

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and you repeat NO GAY

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1st one is weird


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The 4th one is dead ass funny lol


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Hilarious, would love to see more if we can

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