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The Monster Under the Bed

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Came for the porn, stayed for the story... and porn. It's actually rather good.


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It's so good


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I agree great story


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I love that we all come for the porn, but get SUPER invested in the story!

Ho-cage of the hidden weed village 's picture

It was a good story

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Either came for porn and stayed for story

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there should be more porn though its just story a very good one yes but not enough porn on a porn website


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I agree

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love the story

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Same,came for faps but the story is to interesting

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I came for both

Really good story line


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Yeah, I’d actually more issues of this with pants on........maybe

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Quite true 

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Were the porn at

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I agree

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Damn i have to admit it as a person who doesnt stay for the story, this one had a great storyline. Hope it contiues quickly so i can read it.

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I agree and if the author is looking at this make more give us the website if it’s on a different one this story is the best one I’ve seen in my entire life

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When more

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that is sooo cute ^-^ wanna to know how she dressed up like this at the end.
and maaaaybe "Mrs.blackheart" is Tim's mother?

Nolan's picture

Look at her backstory page youll realize its true


GuyFromTheFuture's picture

and guess who was correct from the past

Anonymous's picture

Could that mean that timothy is a monster to?

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Read the first chapter when it just came out and havent checked it since.

Still love this story

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realy dont care for the porn in this but i love the story

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Though hope that it dosnt end any time soon

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Best love/porn comic ever


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Anonymous's picture

Not much sex but a good read

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somebody else noticed has tim have an aegis? 

Bookworm's picture

Huh where i never noticed it

J's picture

thus is a really good story I could see this as a anime


Dayland Wolf's picture

ok just wondering i think that Lady Blackheart is Timothy's mom

Anonymous's picture

i think that too

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I love this story.Please continue this

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First rate story telling.  I can find enough hardcore porn to satisfy my want elsewhere.  I find the gentle romance between the central figures adequate to carry the whole thing; the side erotica is pleasant, but a little tame.


I may be repeating myself here, but if you do not finish this thing, I shall hunt you down and menace you severely, possibly with an over-ripe gorgonzola.  I have the cheese, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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when I first saw your comments the comic did not load I thought your comments was the comic

Michael's picture

Haven't ven finished reading but i bet lady blachheart is his mom somehow honestly just off certain events and how there hair looks simlair

gave 's picture

Wen al you goen to make more i wana kmow haw it end 


Kyro 's picture

It's awesome I love the story can't wait to see what happens when nightmare and her stud lol open the door please continue 

leonytas's picture

more please more


Turtle's picture

I think Lady Blackheart is shadow's mother becuase hair coler and there is a slight hint that Blackheart loved a human so if shadow is part human and then she dossent despise Tim as much as the other monsters fx midnight

PLUS if Blackheart had a child with a human she could not raise it with the other monsters or her love for a human was dicoverd so she ran away but left shadow to her sister that raised her as a monster this would most likely be y she gave shadow the book


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Very nice story :) its allways the small ones that make such good comics :D staying till it ends
Ps: love ya ^^

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I want a second part

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was looking for porn, found an adorable story and now I can't wait for more updates...

Anonymous's picture

cannot w8 4 more pages.

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PLEASE MORE i just spemt 2 hours reading this im in love with this story!!!! That clif hanger BULL SHIT PISSED ME OFF PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS >3> AND SEE SEX TOO BUT I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPES PLEASE MORE FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!


Max's picture

I feel ya.... btw i would love to see this as a anime but withour the Porn

Anonymous's picture

Same I hate it 


Anonymous's picture

Ya put more in

Smiley's picture

Great story

it's fisticuffs time put em up time to square craig's picture

it's about go down for real

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Was sad when it ended, plz continue soon.

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it's a nice story

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I wish there was a way to jump to the end.  This sight is really designed poorly in that regard -.-

AnimeVortex132 's picture

 I can't believe what I just I came here looking for porn and I literally just bumped into one and I found one of the betest well told love stories I've ever had the pleasure of  reading. I can't wait for the next release. honestly it's gonna be awesome to  read the next update bring it out soon please!!! 

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Thanks for your hard work is best man



Jon's picture

Wow a story that can stop masturbation and you not even be mad about it.........huh this..... this is a first for..... good job......

this is the greatest comic of all time ever

Anonymous's picture

Wow better than porn

Anonymous's picture

Is there more of this if not make  more!!!!


Anonymous's picture

He updates the webcomic weekly. You can look up the author and it will bring you to the website that he posts the webcomic on

that one person's picture

finish the story plz

Anonymous's picture

I felt the tear run down my face when I saw it wasn't finished. I can't get enough of this story. I'm loving watching this relationship develop. Please finish!

Anonymous's picture

This is the second time I was looking for porn comics and found an incredible story.

What was the first comic you found to be an incredible story?

Goldfish83m's picture

Love this storyline, really adorable, hopefully it will be continued this way, that's actually a comic series worth enough of being printed

Amirhossein's picture

Very very good comic please continue and update please please.

welp since it no longer has the "ongoing" tag it is the end :( maybe there will be a part 2?

Anonymous's picture

continue the book plz

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Kid is freddy cougar my nemesis

funnyfan's picture

please bro make more i am now addicted to this :-)

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The story really caught me

Jeff's picture

It's a great story , please make more !

LVGuy 's picture

I clicked on this because I thought it will be the typical "Meet & Fuck" type of comic, but now I'm actually reading it with interest in the story 

LVGuy's picture

*little edit

Oh boy what a cliffhanger 

FoxxxyHUN 's picture

The story is very good but please more porn and sex 

confusedOtaku's picture

This is one of those thing I wish I could tell people to read but then I remember its porn and that would cause......issues to say the least. Don't know if the creator is the poster but if you are great job! 

Jack's picture

Please continue doing that comics, it's so great and it will be sad if you just end it unfinished

Shadow's picture

I wanna keep reading this but it doesn't have the rest please keep it going 

greg's picture

this should be turned into a movie best story ever

Dr.PussyCat's picture

omg.. this is the best comic i ever read plz make more! 

Gabby's picture

More of a soft open but I am not complaining

darklord909's picture

I'm picking up major anime vibes

Ty The Killer's picture

I love this story, can you plz make a continuation of this story thx, also does anyone else know more stories like this one.

Fufu's picture

What makes this sight good is the artwork and stories not the porn

DELAN's picture

Great i love this make more of this plz :)


Anonymous's picture

He is continuing the comic and he has a patreon account just look up Brandon Shane and support him on patron if you want more of the monster under the bed

Someone important...'s picture

Well good work. We are waiting till you ready with this comic.

Anonymous's picture

make more its great

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JJ's picture

So the mom is a monster and she knows that shadow is a monster and they're relating that they were in the same place once 

Lolz's picture

Brandon Shane you know how put in a twist to the plot. I want some more Monsters under the bed right now Brandon Shane to you hear me? You probably don't since this isn't on your official site but I STILL WANT IT!

aJewTookMyShoe's picture

Still a better love story than twilight

Hofercode's picture

And the plot thickens

Brandon Shane's picture

Whoever come here for porn, go to another page

Anon1's picture

This is a neat comic. 

Tihoka's picture

I love this story 

Phantom Joker 's picture

i admitedly came for the porn but as soon as the story picked up i rubbed one out to something else anc came back to the story and now i'm mad because of how it left off on a cliffhanger and i was so deep in it not thinking about anything else only to be brought out of it but to whoever made this you have made a true masterpiece

Anonymous's picture

The damn twist at the end 

Lolz's picture

Brandon, you might not see this but I'm still say in it anyways, I love the comic but please keep the updates coming.

I know it takes time but I don't want to be 100 before the comic is finally finished.

But in other matters, keep up the good work! Hands down the best comic I've ever read.

Anonymous's picture

Can't wait for more

Incognito's picture

holy shit both the parents know she’s not human at some point can’t wait for that in the flashback 

coltar's picture

Only im boner proud of lossing.

wendigo's picture

loved the story. but may i trouble you for more please?

GuyFromTheFuture's picture

porn websites always seem to have the best interesting story around

Weger's picture

Pls do a Part 2 its awesome 

Koa's picture

same love the story  anyone know if theres a chapter 4

or page 150


Anonymous's picture

Hope ther will be more

Anonymous's picture

Is Tim half monster?

Anonymous's picture

Just wonderful 

Anonymous's picture

Came for porn
stayed for story
bookmarked for characters

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Anonymous's picture

Beautiful story.

Anonymous's picture

it is realy good cant wait until it is finished

Anonymous's picture

As the kid i am, i came here for the porn but the story was better, Just make the story skip the porn,

Anonymous's picture

Literally came for the porn stayed for the story 

Anonymous's picture

When the story is so good you forget it’s suposed to be porn

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Best comic s i ever read



Anonymous's picture

The moment I opened the comic I knew the story would be incredible 

Anonymous's picture



Anonymous's picture



Cy300's picture

Love the story make more like this

Anonymous's picture

I hate the cliff hanger,love the story,love the art,little to long for me but still I love it. I wish it was more stories like this,romantic, kinda silly, and lovable characters 


Cy300's picture

Is there any more comics with a story 

Anonymous's picture

Is that the end or going on

Lolz's picture

Bruh pg 156 practically screams Marcy is gonna bribe Timothy with sex 

Anonymous's picture

Duude I need more...

Anonymous's picture

Where can I get the newly updated version of this

Anonymous's picture

Its very good :)

Anonymous's picture

One of the few comics that really have a good story on this website. The change from raw porn to something more romantic felt good for once.

Anonymous's picture

Its really good.

Anonymous's picture



Anonymous's picture

uh oh i think there will be something bad between Shadow and Tim caused by that bitch


Anonymous's picture

The year, 2113 at least and she has a real weird thing with his socks

Anonymous's picture

I'mma read this whole thing when I got time

Anonymous's picture

I like this story, but i think the biggest problem with it is that there is barely any tension for these two. Okay, there is "tension" between these two alright, but the mere fact that this story takes place in flashbacks means they get out of whatever is happen just fine.

Yes, i realize it's too late to fix now. Yes, i just critiqued porn.

Anonymous's picture

Amazing! I love the story so much!!! It's so cute and kind of innocent. I hope that the creator of this don't leave us hanging for to long, i'm already looking forward to further updates! And btw, whatever happens when the story is over, please make it a "good" ending. A story like this deserves a good ending!

Anonymous's picture

tim an shade are cousins cuz their moms are sisters 

Anonymous's picture

Truthfully we don't know who shades real mom is.

Anonymous's picture

OK no doubt about it, lady blackheart is tim's mom, 

it is so easy to deduce, tho old lion suit she wore one year when tim was very young, she at first is not sure what he means, well i believe he remembers the sharp teeth, and the tail that does resemble the contour of a lion tail, as well as the golden skin, and wavy blond, golden hair

then there is the fact that "mom has a weird way of always knowing" who else seems to know everything

the smile when tim murmured good night shadow

and the story she gives, the artwork around it show a guy and a woman, who clearly resembles her, and the guy looks suspiciously like tim's dad, she has the entirely same body type as wel

Anonymous's picture

I wasn't the only one that got super into this then, good, I thought I might have been strange or something

Anonymous's picture

Story isn`t finished? ALARM! ALARM! New shit to wait! I CAN~T TAKE IT ANYMORE

Anonymous's picture

Pleaseeeee Continue!!! It can't just end like that!!!!!


Anonymous's picture

I think lord mortis might be shaddow's actual father, i doubt he is interested in her sexually, as at the time she was but 9, and the author seems to stay away from lolli situations
which is suiting to the story
but he is very protective, and "mother" asks him to come clean, and it seems there is an actual important aspect to their relationship in the grand scheme of things in the story

Anonymous's picture

I love this comic but wish there was a little more nudity but it makes up with the story

Anonymous's picture

Literally Everyone stayed for the Story, Shoutout for the Artist


Anonymous's picture

ywhs... I need more bro...if you could at least announce a rough schedule, that would be grest

Anonymous's picture

I agree with anonymous, please annouce a schedule

Anonymous's picture

I wish they add somethinh whe they were young :(

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