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Breaking The Quiet

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Plot twist is was solid snake 

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You can see the 40 minute video on

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very good :3

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Turns out the reason I like this video so much is because the interrogators voice is activating ASMR to me

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Okay turns out practically every sound heard in this video is activating my Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

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she looks an awful lot like my neighbour aunt.mmmm waiting for the day ill bone her and make her my bitch

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Where can I download the full version 

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this is messed up i puked i didnt masterbate since this i cant even have sex with my gf i got mentally tortured i know its kinda my fault but this is sick

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i agree, this is horrofying....

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Weak bitch. It's my favorite porn animation

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Whats the name of this? Im looing for the 2nd

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It's from Animopron,he/she works on the 2nd part in rhe moment

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kuffar you porn is you setence 

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Also at the ending of the game she speaks to peqoud

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Aaaand, she can reapear after that mission, if you do the mision where you unlock her 7 times in a row without killing her


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Just for the sake of reality. Quiet can speak. She's infected with the English version of the vocal cord virus so she can speak all languages known to her.  Although speaking English will kill her. 

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Speaking all but few languages will kill her as English is a mix of a lot of languages 

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she can't speack in the game


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This was the best perspective video ever. It has story and great sex.

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you are fkn mentally ill my guy

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