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The Lie We Live

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This is such a funny comment section

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lmao, yeah, cuz every 14 year old wants their father figures dick, you must be retarded bob

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Amazing!  Best porn adaptation ever.  Exactly true "the lie we live" that a young woman could spend a year with her beloved protector and not want the comfort of his cock is the only unrealistic part of the game which passes without comment because it's expected that polite people don't talk about "THAT" when it's a young girl.

excellent work

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are you serious?? the reason no one comemnts about it is because it wouldnt fucking happen, she was fucking 14 years old and thought of joel as her father figure, you just some sad little fat boy who has thinks he knows what any girl wants, you probably have retarded fantasies that every fucking young girl would want to fuck you if they were around you long enough, maybe stop masturbating in your moms basement and go outside, you might realise that a lot of the stuff you do online is probably illegal

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By your logic Foster children would want to fuck their foster parents... Fucking weirdo.

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