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A New Chapter


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Goddamn this was good

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damn that was good

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This was good,until the dickass part,MISS ME WITH THAT GAY SHIT NIBBA

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Why that gay shit


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That's one of the benefits of being bisexual my dude.

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Its 1.3.2018 0:13 I,am curently withnessing something called Flash back It ... It was realy ... weard and akward I just had a flash back of all porn I was I,am writing this coment here so you know what kind of porn i have seen (Ye I,am a furry) I dont regret anything :/ :c

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Miss me with that gay shit

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so good until the end...

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Damm that was sexy


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pucha mare es gei

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its so hard to write a comment while whatching the longass dick swirling on the pron ads below, shit

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