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A Present for Sticks


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Uhh...?'s picture

Ok then

Random girl on internet's picture

Um there no more?

Dayland's picture

is that it

Nightmare22's picture

How and why did someone put a tentacle thing in a box???

Anonymous's picture

It was magic XD na thanks to technology it somehow fitted in the box

Anonymous's picture

This was to short


Fuckmepls's picture

Because tentacle thing in a box sounds cool

Fapper #1438153's picture

OK then when can I get one of those


xXPuzzyxDestroyerXx's picture

Plz make more

Anonymous's picture


? man's picture

i dont understand

Anonymous's picture

there is no way that sticks could suck that robotic tentacle thing it makes no sense! the robotic tentacle thing going into stick's vagina makes sense but sticks suck the robotic tentacle makes no sense!

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