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The Contest 3


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People need to finish the comic before uploading it

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Do you not understand what "ongoing" means?

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Do you not understand what an opinion is?

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Are YOU sure you know what an opinion is. Because the word ONGOING means currently in progress which is why this place has a UPDATED COMICS section

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It's an objective fact that it's ongoing, these aren't posted by the actual authors.

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a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

"I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance"

Seems like an opinion to me.....

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at least get a few nice parts in there

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I need more!!

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I want to get the full comic 

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We're all on a CIA watch list 


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Im actually with the anti ongoing guy,the fuccs point of showing a non ready comic,especially when there isnt even a signel porn piece there

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What is this? A crossover episode?

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Where is my daddy demon comic


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Anyone know how I can fuck a adult with no trace


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Yes you just fuck them in there sleep but in some places that's called rape

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Please make more!!!

Its amazing!!!

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you do relize your arguing about porn... Right?

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Can you have her take off her dress and also have her suck their dicks, then finally have them fuck her?

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Finnish please

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Do gravity falls comic  next please

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amazing! keep going with the comic. you got talent!

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