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Nice comic had a good ending too



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I wish it was in colour


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Markapoo is markiplier

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Its Markipoo


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Great and satisfying ending luv, keep up the great work m8

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 Eight minutes later dang lol

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Ehh.. Me and Marco do it better waaay better, it's a thing 'Between Friends' you wouldn't understand. And sure, Heckapoo you might have got the abs, but I got the "Magic"

Hekapoo's picture

It was between freinds

You can’t have 2 kids in 8 minutes wtf?

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It's a play on the fact that in Hekapoo's dimension, time moves very very fast in comparison to earth. I think it was about 6 minutes is equal to 16 years in Hekapoo's dimension.

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Actually, Star mentioned 8 minutes was 16 years, cyka blyat.

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Time dilation from the alternate dimensions means approximately 16 years can pass in eight minutes of earth time.

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In her dimension 8 minutes from the earth are like 16 years

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It is in a different dimension, 8 min in our reality might be like 6-8 years in that dimension


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Heckapoo's worlds time is speedup way more than the real word.

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It's the dimension it does that

in hackapoos dimention time mooves slower than every where else so i dont know like 10 minits is like 10 years

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For those of you confused, he's in a dimension where 8 minutes in the real world is equal to 16 years in that dimension.

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I still cry every time I see the memories 

By the way I'm already 206 years old in Hekapoo's dimension but because she loves me, I never die

Now we have 30 children ,16 sons and 14 daughters 

CuntHater,AnalLover - thats me m8's's picture

Awesome work with mouth,but no actuall anal thought.Pretty good i would say

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Star Marco's mine now.Now you'll be "just freinds".P.s His abs are great,And my magics better.

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She's thicker than a bowl of oatmeal wtf I love it

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what about Jackie tho?

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Someone is thinking with portals.

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She's so THICC!

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Cool comic dude you sound make more


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beautifully drawn

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this is the most wholesome sex comic I've ever seen. I can't even really call this porn, it's all emotional lovemaking. 

(I love it )

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That’s how you make porn right even I cannot could a porn

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Now, THAT'S an attentive lover, he even paused for hornplay!

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